[nbos] [FM8, CS] New: Free Dungeons Daring 2e with NBOS Material
"Mark Oliva"
Mon Nov 8th, 2010
This notice is relevant to users of both Fractal Mapper 8 and the NBOS
Character Sheet Designer/Viewer. Please keep in mind that this is
non-commercial, free material and not an attempt to earn money by spamming
the list. The Vintyri (TM) Project has released the 2nd Edition of the
free, open source Dungeons Daring (TM) fantasy RPG. Some members of this
list helped us in our early development stages, so you'll find your names on
the credit pages of our books. The new 2nd Edition release, with more than
1,000 pages of material, includes an introductory adventure, a players
guide, a game masters guide and a creature guide in PDF format, all
available under the Open Game License 1.0a. It also includes a free
collection of more than 20 FM8 maps in their native format and a free
Dungeons Daring character sheet for use with the NBOS Character Sheet
Viewer. We use the term "open source" because all of the texts and the maps
also can be downloaded in editable form for those who wish to modify the
material or to incorporate parts of it in their own products. The texts are
available in the odt-Format of the free OpenOffice.org Writer program. The
maps are in the fmp-Format of FM8. For those who are uninterested in the
Dungeons Daring game, the maps still may be of interest, because they can be
modified easily for use in your own campaign. Likewise, the CS Viewer
character sheet might have elements that you would want to incorporate in
character sheets of your own design. The 2nd Edition release follows a
little more than two years after release of the 1st Edition. Since the
original release, we have had many suggestions, comments and criticisms from
game masters and players in Dungeons Daring campaigns. These led us to
believe that a new edition incorporating those suggestions should be issued
now. The main changes are the elimination of character classes, which are
replaced by a skills-and-professions system, an overhaul of the magic system
and improvement of the undead creatures in the Creature Guide. The 2nd
Edition is not compatible with the 1st Edition, but conversions are easy.
1st Edition downloads will remain available for those who prefer the
original issue. For more information and downloads, go to

Mark Oliva
Webmaster, the Vintyri Project (TM)
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E-Mail: info-at-vintyri.org <mailto:info-at-vintyri.org>

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Tel.: +49 9166 99 54 10

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