Re: [nbos] Astro sector generator feedback
NBOS Support
Sat Dec 12th, 2009

>Asteroid Belts and Spacestations generated in systems not to be given
>names like "Thing VII" for example they are not worlds and in my opinion
>should not get this sort of name.

I agree - thats something that should be changed. Only planets should
follow the planet naming convention. Astroid belts should probably have
their own designation, probably A/B/C/D/...(as astronomers do now with
rings). Stations should probably follow their own numbering system,
perhaps in an order not related to their orbital position.

>Onto the generator itself. I have noticed that when using Clustered
>generation it sometimes puts all the systems in one portion of the sector
>and virtually nothing anywhere else. Perhaps the clustering is sometimes a
>bit too strong?

The clustering is something I've been working on. Unless I can get it
working better, I may just take it out as its not very useful as is.

>Nebula, is there anyway of getting light and dark nebula to show on the
>map, I guess this means the ability to place actual 3D objects to
>represent them into the data base.

Interesting you'd mention 3d-objects :-) Actually, Richard K has made up a
few testing objects for me. I dont know if I can apply them to things like
nebula, but I hope to allow for 3d objects to be used, esp for ships and
stations, both on the 3d map and in the preview map.

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