Re: [nbos] Astro3 Experimental Build
"Robert Graham"
Sat Nov 21st, 2009

The binary / trinary one, technically wouldn't it be possible to work out a
rough 'base' level for set star mass's to sol.. then just have astro do a if
statement check when calculating the system.. I mean I admit I haven't tried
orbital physics on a binary / trinary yet ;) but something along the lines
of rough mix of pseudo code and actual code here..

If (mainstarmass > 1) && (mainstarmass <2)
{ check each star, if any star is Over the mass requirement for a stable
orbit of this star either recalculate the system or something }

Ie basically run a calculation of the minimum distance for a safe stable
orbit then work from there.... I might annoy a friend who has a working base
application simular to the solar system display section of yours and see if
I can't work out the calcs.. seems I really don't want to have to sit down
and work out an entire baseline physics setup + graphics engine to do it.

On the temp one, I know there are some stars that technically are
incompatable with a green belt/green zone but the temp command there might
do what I was thinking.. basically trying to calculate the green zone on
most stars.. what would be nice in a way is to be able to work in the Solar
System 'view' while building that section.. so that you can actually work on
the 'system' level rather then the 'cluster/sector' level.. of course I
also don't know what version of C# (i'm presuming C#) your programming for
base C#,, .net 2, .net 3..

Just figured i'd get some suggestions out ;)


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The problem with binaries/trinaries has always been that there's no way to
calculate up front what a stable arrangement would be (that I'm aware of).
I can stick three stars there in the display, but it's unlikely it'd be a
stable orbit. Planets of those stars have the same problem. So I may try
it, but realize that its unlikely they'll be correct/stable arrangements.
It'll just be a static display to show relative distance.

Similar problem with the temperature. Not every system is capable of having
a planet of a certain temperature. The temperature of a planet is derived
from a number of pieces of info, and the process is one way - you cant
reverse engineer it.

For planets, its best to just manually add them in and change their
temperatures. Or perhaps make a script that can place a planet at an
estimated distance. There's a TempAt() method of the Body class that will
let you get the 'equilibrium' temperature at a certain distance from a star.

>Ed, just wondering if there are any plans to finally look at
>incorporating Binaries on the Solar Level at all with the eye towards
>Astro 3.. I mean it's one of the most requested features outside the data
>The other thing is, and it's more a general question.. is there any way
>to set Astro up so you could specify the 'temprature' you want for a
>planet and it generate where / what orbit it requires?
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