Re: [nbos] [FM8] Historical Map Collection
"Joe Frazier, Jr."
Sun Jun 14th, 2009

> I could get a bit more excited about the Cartographers Guild if it was a
> neutral site. However, it strongly promotes one of FM8's foremost
> competitors and runs unpaid advertising for that product. For that reason,
> I think I'll continue to pass.
> Mark Oliva

Mark, I don't understand this. The site is and is supposed to be software neutral. I believe that the owner does have revenue share deal set up with PF for click throughs, but as of the last time I talked to him several months ago, he has never made a single dime from PF based on this (ie, there is not enough click through). The "vast" majority of the regular posters over there use either Photoshop/GIMP or Illustrator/Inkscape for their maps, with some CC maps and a few from other software. This is one of the reasons I would really like to see some people who are masters of FM to do some posting over there, to better represent this product.

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