Re: [nbos] [FM] VMWare
"Mike Oliver"
Mon Jun 1st, 2009
I use "Wine" on Obuntu Linux but not on a Mac machine. Wine allows FM8
to work perfectly well and might be a viable alternative to VMWare
(which was one of the emulation systems suggested to me when I was
initially investigating using emulation). I use a free version of Wine
if that's any sort of incentive to try it.

By the way, I am now getting list messages again, so whatever was wrong
now isn't :-)



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I'm trying to hunt down that fill pattern problem Dustin Evermore
last week, but so far have not been able to reproduce it. Has anyone
experienced this problem with the new update? (essentially, where fill
patterns dont work at all, and produce wierd graphics artifacts on the

The problem reported is occurring under VMWare running XP SP3 on a Mac
host. I know we have a lot of IT folk here... so I thought I'd ask...
does anyone have a copy of VMWare w/ Windows XP on which they can test
see if it occurs for them as well?


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