Re: [nbos] [AS] GURPS System Updater
Alan Bartholet
Sun Feb 1st, 2009
Hello Justin,
Because I'm not sure how far along you are I'll give you all the
instructions to make sure everything gets covered.

-- Installing the Plugin --
I assume you have already downloaded the pugin, at the time of writing
this the plugin was at version 2.1 so the file you should have is
called "". The zip file should contain 3 files
"libGURPSUpdater.vbs", "pluginGURPSSystemUpdater.AstroScript", and
"popmenuGURPSBodyUpdater.AstroScript". These three files need to go
in your AstroSynthesis plugins folder. By default it should be
located at "C:\Program Files\nbos\AstroSynthesis2\Plugins" unless you
changed the location where AS was installed. If you currently have
AstroSynthesis running you will need to restart it before the plugin
becomes available.

-- Using the Plugin --
Once you have the plugin installed it is ready to use. After you have
selected one or more systems you can run the plugin by going to the
"Plugins" menu and selecting "GURPS System Updater". The plugin will
then go through the selected system(s) and generate the GURPS data for
them. You will need to unselect and reselect the system(s) you have
run the plugin on before you can see the changes, this is due to
limitations in the plugin API as there is no way, that I know of, to
refresh the system data tree.

You can also do individual bodies by right clicking on them in the
system data tree and selecting the "GURPS Body Updater". If the body
has any child bodies it will ask if you want to update any child
bodies as well. If you run this on a star and choose to update the
child bodies it will be just the same as if you ran the system
updater. If you run it on a single planet and choose to update the
child bodies it will only affect that planet and it's moons.

-- Notes --
* This plugin does not add new bodies or child bodies, it only works
with what is already in the system.
* This plugin will loop through multiple star systems.
* This plugin does not handle stars that are of the "Blue Giant", "Red
Giant", "Brown Dwarf", "White Dwarf", or "Neutron" body types because
they are not handled the same as ones that are of the "Star" body
type. I have sent in a bug report on this and when it is fixed I will
update the plugin accordingly. You can check the body type of a star
by right clicking on it and going to the "Change Body Type" option.

I hope this answers your question. If not I will need some more
specific details on the exact nature of your problem.

Best Regards,
Alan Bartholet

On Sat, Jan 31, 2009 at 5:45 PM, Justin Almond <> wrote:
> How do you use the GURPS System Updater?
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