Re: [nbos] FM/FWE Retrive information from a saved bitmap?
Wed Dec 10th, 2008

Thanks for the help. I pulled in the existing bitmap to FM and traced over
what I have.

I am wondering, if I make the ocean black, what color should I assign the
land masses so they are brought in as land? I was traced the area of
mountains and was thinking I could assign them a color also that would
correspond to an elevation, as the lakes I made, I can make them black so
they are at sea level so would show water in the import.

To be honest I think that was how I made it in the first place by making the
landmasses originally in FM....

Wish I could remember....


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Subject: Re: [nbos] FM/FWE Retrive information from a saved bitmap?

>I have looked through all my archived information and am dismayed to find
>my original creation from FWE is only in bmp format.
>I tried importing it back into FWE, but the shading all comes up as water
>on the bottom of the mountains.
>Is my only alternative to re-create as close as I can?

Unfortunately, yes. The bmp doesnt contain elevation information, so
there's no way for FWE to re-create the the map in FWE's format.

>Also as a side note the world I created was a 4800x2000 map as the world
>is a torus.. I cannot for the life of me figure out how I did that

If you make an all black bitmap of that size, and import it, it'll give you
an empty map of that size (all water).


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