[nbos] [IPAD2] Shop Generator
"Joe Mays"
Wed Nov 19th, 2008
I tried sending this with the file attached, but I guess the file was
larger than I thought. So let me retry with it attached as a zip

Okay, so I decided to redo my shop generator using the prompts. I'm
not having much luck with the GET queries with ipad2cgi yet, but I was
wondering if I could ask people to check it out as it is and tell me
what they think, make suggestions, suggest shops I might have

The purpose of the shop generator is to answer the question for those
fantasy campaign moments when your PC's are walking down the street,
you mention the shops on the street, and they immediately turn into
one and say, "what's in the shop?" Now you can tell them in detail

At the prompts you select the shop type and the quality of the
neighborhood it's in (0=ghetto...2=middle class...4=rich). The
generator then determines class of the particular shop (tending toward
low class in poor neighborhoods, upper class in rich neighborhoods).
The cost of each item is then determined by adjusting the base price
by the class of the shop, the quality of the neighborhood (high
overhead equals higher prices) and the quality of the particular item.
Lower class shops tend to have lower quality items, and vice versa.

Please feel free to suggest shops that aren't included here, items
that you think should be in the shops, etc.

Oh, and check out the book selection in the occultists shop. I'm
inordinately proud of it. :-)

"Perhaps you stared into a river. There was somebody near you who
loved you. They were about to touch you. You could feel this before it
happened. Then it happened."
-- Richard Brautigan, "In Watermelon Sugar"

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