Re: [nbos] [AS]Scripting Questions
Wed May 7th, 2008

Thanks for the welcome!

Here is a clarification of what I was asking in my original post:

1) The UABI is a property on the first tab of the Star and Planet/Moon
property editors. It usually looks something like this:
{9AA9FE5D-EB81-49F2-A5E3-3B31C7550139}. I found the answer to this question
and it is saved in the property named Body.IDString which doesn't appear to
be in the AlienAPI docs.

2) I am referring to the Surface map images. You get to them by right
clicking on a terrestrial or gas giant body and choosing the Create Surface
Map menu option. Still haven't seen this one working anywhere. I've seen
them generated when I create a sector report, but nothing else.

And a new question:

3) When creating a new Route object in script I was adding
RouteWaypoint objects to get the lines to be drawn using
Route.AddWaypoint(). When you create a RouteWaypoint object you can set it's
Body property to one end of the route. But, the Route object also has a
Route.AddSystem() method. Do you add the system to both the Route and
RouteWaypoint objects or just to one or the other? When I tried adding the
systems using just Route.AddSystem() without adding any waypoints it didn't
draw any routes. I was just wondering why there are 2 ways to add a body to
a route.



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