Re: [nbos] [FM8] CSUAC: Textures and symbols
"Christopher Rodrigues Macias"
Sun Apr 27th, 2008
Hi Mark,

> If this great CSUAC concept, which crosses the boundaries of three
> mapping programs, is to be the success it could and should be, then FM8
> CC3 cartographers need to start contributing to CSUAC too.

Fully agree. As I mentioned to Cecil, I think one thing holding many FM
people back is lack of basic know-how. If you have prior exposure to
creating computer art then creating nice map symbols may seem trivial. For
your average role-player or SF author, though... Well, we aren't sure quite
where to start, or how much work will be involved.

As the old saying has it, "Give me a fish and I eat for a day. Teach me to
fish and I eat for a lifetime." If some of the many amateur or pro computer
artists out there was willing to take the time to 'teach everyone to fish'
as it were, then I think a majority of the FM8 community's amateur mapmakers
would also turn out to be willing amateur symbol makers.

I don't know if it exists out there already, but what is needed (IMHO) is a
short 'beginners guide' to map symbol creation. This would step people
through the basics including: what programs can be used; what the advantages
and disadvantages of the various file formats are; how to create basic
bitmap symbols, vector symbols, and pattern fills in the right sizes for use
in mapping programs; how to create symbols with transparent backgrounds; how
to assemble symbols into 'symbol sets' for each of the mapping programs;
what the various licensing options are for artwork (e.g. creative commons);
how to contribute to the CSUAC and how the CSUAC is licensed.

Both you and Cecil are already doing more than your share in terms of
contributing back to other map makers, so I don't think it's up to you two
to also take this on. I imagine much of this information already exists out
there in bits and pieces, scattered across old forums and blogs. So maybe
all that's needed is some extended Googling and sewing-together those

I've thought about chasing this information down occasionally, but given up
for lack of time. I wonder if anyone else on the list knows of existing
resources in this vein, or is willing to share some of their experiences
with us? It would be much appreciated.


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