Re: [nbos] Campaign Manager
"Mark Miller"
Sat Mar 15th, 2008
The primary function I would look for in the new campaign manager would be
integration with ScreenMonkey -- that is what would add unique value over
similar products. The simple button that automatically imports from FM8 to
SM is a huge difference-maker, as it makes it really quick to change the map
on the fly (for example, revealing a layer can have a just-discovered door
or other feature just appear).

For example, adding the ability for player characters as well as GMs to
update character sheets (to track inventories, spell lists, or stats) online
(perhaps through SM) and then to have those changes tracked would be very
helpful. What would be even more slick would be to have the ability to link
character sheets to a character in SM, so if you changed something like
current HP or AC on the character sheet it would update in SM and at the end
of a SM session you could hit an update button and it would update the
character sheet with current HP or other information.


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At 11:39 AM 3/14/2008, Christopher Rodrigues Macias wrote:
>1) Recording the key information about the player characters that you need
>2) Preparing adventure material, including NPCs, 'monsters,' settings
>3) Actually running a session, where the key function of the tool is to
>4) Recording what has happened during a session for later reference. This

Thats basically what the program is all about.

>(My 'ultimate fantasy' version of this feature allows you to create a
custom >calendar for the campaign and then link the adventure records to

I hadnt thought about a custom calendar, but that is a good idea. I'll see
if thats something I can do.

>On another point: I haven't used Screen Monkey, nor have I looked at the
>original 'Keep'. I have a nagging suspicion that you'll tell me that the
>(hypothetical) Campaign Manager software is intended to be just the
>'development' side of the GM-ing equation, and that Screen Monkey is aimed

SM is primarily for running games online - its usable at the table, but not
its main focus. Some of the at-table functionality (multi-monitor use, for
example) will be making it into the new program.


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