Re: [nbos] Nbossoftware Digest, Vol 38, Issue 15
Soaring Eagles
Fri Nov 16th, 2007
This has nothing to do with images (yet). If I right click on the system in
AS, it should call up FT with the parameters transferring over including
temp, water index, etc.Once that info gets transferred over, then we can
discuss image saving.

As far as lighting scheme, it makes no difference if the info is not
carried over from AS in the first place.

>You could bring up the world properties and change the fractal seed number.
>Then click apply. I would also load in a lighting scheme to better show the
>sort of world you are after.
> >From memory (this bit could be wrong) you also need to export the FT image
>as a sphere map image and alter the AS setting to point to this. I think it
>is supposed to do this automatically but I keep my images in a folder other
>than the default one.
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> > Subject: [nbos] AS: AS2.0 & Fractal Terrains
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> > After generating a sector in AS 2.0, I try to edit the world
> > using Fractal
> > Terrains. However, it doesn't seem that the properties from AS are
> > transferring over. I get the same frozen world over and over.
> > I have set FT
> > to not reload the same file, but that didn't seem to help. Any ideas?
> >
> > Thanks!

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