Re: [nbos] [FM] graphics tablets?
"Mike Oliver"
Mon Nov 12th, 2007
At the risk of going on too long whilst not strictly on-topic, I'd see a
tablet that douse what the ones you describe do. With mine, it's the pen
that's sensitive and, if I press down on it, it's like a left mouse
click. So I have to hover it over the tablet. It was a pretty cheap
affair and isn't really suitable for mapping. For doing kid's cartoon
drawings it's OK but that's about all.

My maps are done with a mouse but with copious deletions and going back
over bits I've already done.



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On Mon, Nov 12, 2007 at 02:33:37PM -0000, Mike Oliver wrote:
> One can never be certain about people's grasp of macro economics or
> humour for that matter. The smiley was something of a giveaway and I
> don't recall the last time the $ was at 9.0 to the pound (as old as I
> am) but I'm sure $180 is a bargain it's just that my finances couldn't
> be called "macro" by any stretch of the imagination.
> I think a swept up tablet wouldn't be of much use to me; like you, I
> can't draw with a mouse, so how the hell am I going to do so with a
> I have to hold a millimetre above the surface of the tablet? Or is
> just the inferior quality of my tablet?

Not sure what a swept up tablet is. I gather that the surface
of the wacom tablets is vey much like the texture of a paper
drawing pad, and that the tablet is sensitive to the pressure
of the pen, to be able to draw thicker lines by pressing down
harder. The cheaper tablets like the Bamboo claim 512 levels
of pressure sensitivity, the Intuos or whatever it's called is
supposed to have twice that. I gather the Intuos is also
sensitive to the tilt of the pen as well (maybe so it can
emulate a caligraphy brush?), which the Bamboo isn't.

I can't imagine trying to draw while hovering the pen above the
surface of the tablet, is that the way yours works?

I was pulling my hair out over the cost of the tablet as well,
but then I considered the amount of money I've invested in
stacks of roleplaying books that I've used rarely, or not at
all - not to mention the amount of money I've invested in
mapping programs that I've never actually used to draw a map
with, because of problems like being unable to draw with a
mouse... Obviously not everyone experiences this problem: I've
seen gorgeous maps created by people using a mouse, but they're
apparently just better at this stuff than I am. So I'm buying
a moderately expensive crutch and hoping for the best. ;-)

"I know I promised, Lord, never again. But I also know
that YOU know what a weak-willed person I am."
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