[nbos] FM8 official mapping program for RPG Vintyri World
"Mark Oliva"
Sat Nov 10th, 2007
For the FM8 users who might be interested:

For about 6 months now, our project group has been testing Fractal Mapper 8, and for more than a year, we've been testing Campaign Cartographer 3 from ProFantasy Software. We're impressed with both programs, but most of all with FM8. Historically, we've used Campaign Cartographer 2 and Campaign Cartographer 3, but we're making the switch to FM8.

Most things that one can do with CC3 one also can do with FM8 (and FM8 can do some things that CC3 can't). Some main differences between the two programs:

1. We find that CC3 has a steep learning curve. FM8 is easy to learn and use.

2. The complete user's manual is available for FM8. After having CC3 on the market for a year, ProFantasy still hasn't gotten around to producing a manual.

3. FM8 runs fine under Windows Vista. After more than a year, ProFantasy still is trying to solve problems that CC3 has with Vista.

Also: You can use your CC3 raster symbols with FM8.

You'll find complete information about our decision to migrate from CC3 to FM8 on our website at the address in my signature.

Mark Oliva
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