Re: [nbos] [FM] Symbols: sorting and scaling them
"Joe Frazier, Jr."
Wed Oct 31st, 2007

>> 2. Is there a way to apply a fixed scaling to symbols, so that
>> they don't become different sizes if you apply them to the map
>> while at slightly different zoom levels?
> Yes, just size them with the pointer tool after you've placed them on the
> map. The next time you place a symbol of that type on the map, it'll
> appear at the same size.

Ed, one thing I have a problem with is that this does not happen when
using the random tool. I created a map a few months ago and used some
of the "city" vector trees. Now when I go back in to add more trees,
they are scaled about 25-50% smaller, which totally messes up the look
and makes it annoying to try to add additional random trees.

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