Re: [nbos] [AS] Astro project, anyone?
Fri Oct 12th, 2007
Create an XSLT stylesheet to transform the data from HTML to XML that AS can use. That would do it in an automated fashion. As for filling in the blank spaces in the XML for data that's missing...don't have an answer for that.
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Subject: Re: [nbos] [AS] Astro project, anyone?

Daniel Williamson <> wrote:
Way cool. I'm on it. But, I make absolutely no promises when it will be done. Sometime before 2020. Maybe. Though likely I will get 90% complete like most of my projects and abandon it.



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Subject: [nbos] [AS] Astro project, anyone?

Here's something I always wanted to do. I figured I'd toss the idea
in case it strikes someone's interest. has a list of all the currently known/suspected
exoplanets. They make the data available in html and csv. The data
the star, the planet, its orbital distance, mass, and orbital
Anyone want to try to import that into Astro?

The main gotcha I see is that they dont list info for the stars
in that file - they have that information in a seperate csv file. So
two would need to be merged or at least referenced. And star coord's
would also need to be converted to x/y/z coords.

I think such a map would be very cool, and be a great base for near
sci-fi campaigns. It'd probably have some real scientific value too.


I'd be happy to do the whole nine yards... start with a large star field, at least 500ly, then apply all the cross-referencing of catalogs, updating objects to current data, add in known planets, put in explanatory notes on notable objects such as Beta Lyrae and W Ursae Majoris... I'd love to go through and make a starfield map just as accurate and up to date as it could get.

But none of us can get around the logistics of it. Such a sector/csv file is going to be several hundred man hours, probably over a thousand, no matter who does it or how. At least a few months full time work for one guy? I won't claim that's accurate, but it's probably in the ball park. So unless that guy can make that work pay his bills, he's not gonna.

The way I see it, we can either find a way to pitch the money so we can pay someone to do it right, or we can get organized and split it up among ourselves into manageable pieces, or we can each grumble a lot, nibble away at it as we have time, and get by as we have in our games, in some cases for decades. Any of those answers work, they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Nonetheless, unless I'm reading it wrong, there seem to be at least a few of us who seem to want pretty much the same end result for that sector file. Want it badly enough to have started nibbling away at it each on our own.

Suggestions, anyone?


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