Re: [nbos] Questions: How will....
Sam Orton
Wed Oct 10th, 2007

Jamming <> wrote:
cross-reference the names from the different star catalogues. I mean it
would be useful to have this ability, particularily in the import function.
It might be built from comparing the 3-D location elements or LY distances
from three or more static locations. Just a thought from some one who is
more a typical user than a master user of your program.

I'm not a programmer, NBOS employee, or anything special, and I know *zilch* about either D&D electronic products or Vista.... but the catalog issue I think maybe I can address, a little.
Keep in mind, the writers assumed *nothing* about your game when they wrote the software. Regardless of how realistic or how fictional your plot setting is, it does exactly the same thing. They wrote a program to plot in 3 dimensional descriptions of stellar objects, and allow you to keep easily accessible notes of those objects. It has a lot of useful features around the edges, but that's really all the PROGRAM is.
Now the database the program loads and manipulates, that's another can of worms entirely. The data set, the sector file, is what allows you to personalize the game setting to precisely what YOU want. If you can come up with *practical* cataloging covering all the various naming conventions, that's where it will have to be done. The finest program in the world can't manipulate data it was never given.
I have no idea whether NBOS has any plans to write a sector file to cover things beyond 20ly local space. I know I'd love to see one, but I also have some glimmering of what a monumental task it is, as I'm eyebrows deep in making one for myself. While I'm sure they could make a better job of it than I could, my paycheck doesn't currently depend on their bottom line, either.
I don't *quite* have the nerve to grumble too loudly about a file I wish was there, when I know from personal experience that one file represents at least several hundred man hours of work, and I know for certain that *I* can't afford to pay anyone to do it.


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