[nbos] [AS] Scripting
"Justin Akkerman"
Sun Aug 19th, 2007

I like to import real stars. I want to get the application to generate their
child bodies automatically. It is a bore to click each star and do this

I have written a script that then generates their child bodies. The script
loops through the sector. It checks each system to see if it has any
children. If it has children, it goes to the next. If it has no children,
the script then generates children.

The problem is that each time it generates children, a dialogue box pops up
and confirms that this is what i want to do.

How can I command the application to generate the child bodies. Keep all the
star attributes. Send a confirmation so the dialogue box either does not
come up or is answered in the afirmative when it does?

I have looked through the Alien API a fair bit, but there does not seem to
be a command which does this. There are all sorts of commands if I want to
set every imaginable detail. I do not want to get so detailed with my
scripting yet. I just want to call on the same ruotine that is brought up by
the right click on the system which generates system contnets without
changeing the star properties.

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