[nbos] [AS] Development Environment
"Justin Akkerman"
Sun Aug 12th, 2007

I am looking to write scripts.

I am used to writing marcos and VBA for Excel. That is done in the Microsoft
Visual Basic Editor (VBE). You can complie what you have written to see if
the most basic of erros are present. You can watch the values of your
variables and step through the code. It is a linked development environment.

When I have run plug-ins and they have hit an error the Microsoft Scipt
Editor (SE) comes up. It does not look like it has the same sort of level of
functionality as the VBE.

Does it? Am I missing something? How do you call up SE rather than
generating a debugging event?

What develpoment environment do people use when writing plug-ins?

Any help would be appreciated.


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