Re: [nbos] Well on a general note, Astro runs on vista
Wed Aug 8th, 2007

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Who says fantasy and Sci-Fi don't mix? I will remind you of an old
axiom: Any technology, sufficiently advanced becomes
indistinguishable from magic. And: One man's magic is another man's
science. (I"m working on a couple of novels based on this concept.)


True, true, by the way, apart of the CSUAC symbols... Ed this is a request,
would be nice to get symbol goodness...

I have gotten CC 3 to more or less bahave under Vista (don't ask... it was
painful beyond the net 1.1 install), but I wish we had that many symbols

(Yes I am a sucker for map makers and will use whatever works at the moment
FM, CC 3 (when it behaves) and I have yet to download Autorealm to this
machine, but I have used that one too)

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