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Can I publish maps made with Fractal Mapper? (or AstroSynthesis, etc)

You can publish maps (in a book, magazine, pdf, web page, etc) if they are your creative work, and not just a repackaging of the mapper's art or examples. The main thing we're concerned about when it comes to publishing is maintaining the copyrights on our art (mapping symbols). Here's some examples to clarify what's considered acceptable and not:

Examples of what is allowed:


Publish a continent map made with Fractal Mapper, which features a continent, rivers, city markers, and makes use of mapping symbols.


· Distributing mapping symbols you created (i.e., not just edits of the mapper's symbols)
Examples of what isn't allowed (without our permission):

· Creating a 'catalog' of Fractal Mapper's mapping symbols for use by others
· Converting Fractal Mapper mapping symbols to some other format for use by others in another program
If you have any questions concerning what is and is not appropriate use, please feel free to contact NBOS directly.

The above also applies to images created with Character Sketcher, AstroSynthesis, and Fractal World Explorer.

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