License File Missing Error

I'm getting a License File Missing or Incorrect error message after applying an update.

Nearly 100% of the time this error is the result of a downloaded program update not being placed into the correct directory. Each program has a corresponding license file that comes either on the CD or in the downloaded package. The program issuing this error message is telling you it can't find that license file.

Many updates available on this web site are replacement executables, not installation programs. To install such an update that you've downloaded from this site you'll need to replace the currently installed program file with the one that you downloaded. That is, you need to copy the file you downloaded into the directory that the original program was installed.

For example, if you download the 7.01c patch to The Fractal Mapper, you'd need to replace your current Mapper7.exe with the one you downloaded. If you had installed FM7 in the 'c:\program files\nbos\mapper7' directory (the default), you'd need to copy Mapper7.exe into that directory.

Step by step:
  1. After downloading the file "mapper8upgrade.exe" (which upgrades to FM8.01b), copy/move the "mapper8upgrade.exe" file into your ?:\programs files\nbos\mapper8 directory. 
  2. In that directory should be files named "mapper8.lic" and "mapper8.exe"
  3. OPTIONAL: Rename or backup "mapper8.exe"
  4. RENAME "mapper8upgrade.exe" tp "mapper8.exe"
  5. Hey presto! - You can now run FM8.01b

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