Script Debugger causes lock-ups

The program locks up when using a Custom Tool or Inspiration Pad

This problem may show itself when you do one of the following:

  • Use a custom tool (one of the tools on the custom tools palette)
  • Run the Inspiration Pad
  • Run a script

Each of these above actions are driven by scripts. What's happening - we believe - is that the MS Script Debugger is failing to load successfully when you run a script. Not everyone has the MS Script Debugger loaded on their machine. But it is becoming more and more common now that the more recent versions of MS Office and other products quietly install it.

A few things you can try to get past the freezing:

1) In Internet Explorer, disable the Script Debugging. Even if you don't use IE as a browser, this is the place where several system-wide scripting settings are controlled. Select Tools -> Options from IE's menu, then click the Advanced tab. Scroll down and check the box that says 'disable script debugging'. Save it, close IE, and try the program again - using the features that were locking up for you. This option works in most, but not all cases. If you happen to have a debugger installed (even if 'secretly' installed by Office or Outlook) and the debugger is crashing when it launches, it could very well display the symptoms you're seeing.

2) If on Windows XP/2000/NT, you can also try to disable the MDM Service if you have it (try option #1 first, though). You only need this if you're using the microsoft script debugger anyways - most people don't. From the start menu, go to Settings -> Control Panel. Click Administrative Tools. And then Services. Scroll down to Machine Debug Manager. If it's not there, then this isn't the problem. Otherwise, stop the service by right clicking on it, and selecting stop. Then, double click on Machine Debug Manager. On the General tab, change it's start-up type to 'disabled'. Then give the program another shot, using the features that were freezing up for you.

3) If you have a development tool installed, such as Visual C++ or Visual Studio .NET, you may have it configured to debug scripts. Follow the directions in your development tool's help files for disabling script debugging.

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