ScreenMonkey Connectivity Problems

When your players can't reach your ScreenMonkey program, 9 times out of 10 it's one of the following problems that are not related to the program itself:

  • A software firewall is enabled, and is blocking incoming traffic on the ScreenMonkey port. If you have a software firewall (like Norton or XP's built-in firewall), be sure that the port ScreenMonkey is using (usually 10015) is open. See your firewall's documentation for how to open a port.  
  •  A router is being used, but incoming connections on the ScreenMonkey port (usually 10015) are not being forwarded to your computer. If you have a router in place, such as a Linksys broadband router, it will by default block incoming connections like a firewall (it's supposed to). Routers are usually used to share a single internet connection between multiple computers. So, you'd need to tell the router how to handle incoming traffic - which computer to route which types of traffic to. You'll need to tell the router that incoming connections made on port 10015 should be 'routed' to your computer. Follow your router's documentation on how to do this. You'll need to do this even if you only have one computer attached to a router. Most broadband routers will have a web based interface to allow you to do this. You'd connect to your router using a browser.  

    A highly recommend resource for information on configuring your home router is  
  • Some broadband modems act like routers, even if they don't tell you they are doing this. This is more common with DSL modems, but you may see it with cable modems as well. So if your computer is plugged directly into your broadband modem, you may want to check the modem's docs or with your ISP to see if the modem is acting like a router. When a modem does act like a router, you will need to forward the port. (you can usually tell if your modem is acting like a router by looking at your computers ip address. If it starts with '192.168', then you have an internal network address, and the modem is probably acting like a router).  

When debugging connection problems, the first thing to do is open a web browser on the same machine that ScreenMonkey is running on, and try connecting to the program. You can do this by either selecting 'File - Launch Player Interface' from the menu in ScreenMonkey, or manually typing in '' in as a browser address. If you can connect to SM using a browser on the same machine it is running on, ScreenMonkey is up and running correctly, and you probably have something (router, firewall, etc) blocking incoming connections. 

If you are still unable to resolve your connection problem, feel free to post to the ScreenMonkey forum.  Be sure to include detailed information about how you are connecting to the internet, including any routers, firewalls, or other network equipment in use.

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