FM Forest Mapping Technique

For creating large scale maps, I find the use of symbols for forests too time consuming, and it doesn't seem to offer very attractive results.  Also, adding things within a forest is difficult because of symbol clutter.  So this is how I depict forested areas on my large scale maps:

1. I use on of the polygon tools to create a polygon where I want the forest, then adjust it for the right shape.

2. I then give the polygon a fill, either a color, or a leafy bitmap.  The bitmap can look very nice since it is naturally uneven, but for large areas, you will probably see a tile effect as each bitmap tile is replicated.

3. I use the transparency slider to make the forest a little bit see-through.  This allows me to have things that are within the forest still visible, such as rivers, hills and roads.  I think this gives a more attractive and realistic impression than placing two forest polygons on either side of a river or road, for instance.  And trying to depict wooded hills is nearly impossible without this technique.

4. For added effect, I then use the X/OR tool to cut out sections of the forest to create clearings.

Hope others find this helpful!

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