Re: [nbos] AstroSynthesis 3.01d Update
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Mon Jul 20th, 2015

One of the previous updates added a box on the sector generation window
where you can assign a file name. If thats used, what happens is the
sector data is saved to the database after every 10,000 systems are
generated, and then unloaded from ram. I've made multi GB files with that
in the past, not topping out at more than 350 or 400mb in ram used. After
making a sector that way, it is a good idea to close the program and
re-open the file because ram is going to be very defragmented at that point.

Not sure what is going on w/ the conversion of the older file. But its
possible its the same issue as above - its loading all the system detail
information before saving it to the new format. I'll take a look and see
if its doing that, and add some caching as above if it looks like I can put
it in.


At 09:30 AM 7/20/2015, you wrote:
>Hi Ed,
>Have you upgraded AS to 64 bit? ie., databases larger than the current
>limits? Larger in memory access?
>I tried to load up an old AS project of mine, which I built in parts/pieces
>and then gathered together into a single large project. It will not
>If I try to generate a large sector with AS3 including world info, it would
>crash and the database would hit it's max file size.
>I have not tried this for a long while, I never really played with AS3 soon
>after the installation due to these issues.
>Best regards
>Dalton Calford / Senior Systems Database Administrator, Information Systems
>T 416.969.8154
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>Subject: [nbos] AstroSynthesis 3.01d Update
>Hi All,
>I uploaded a new AstroSynthesis update. You can grab it in two ways -
>either by using 'Help -> Check for Updates' from the menu, or using the
>updater below:
>[fixed] Generate system contents and a few other menu options were not
>flagging a body as modified, resulting in the affected bodies not being
>[fixed] The 'move up'/'move down' items in the pop-up menu in the Sector
>Properties -> System Data Fields were mislabeled.
>[fixed] Travel calculator was miscalculating interstellar distances along
>the Z axis.
>[fixed] The Natural Language Search was not allowing US style decimal values
>on systems set to European number formatting (',' for decimals) [fixed]
>Generator was not generating moons for Free Gas Giants.
>[change] Migrated to new Auto-Updater system.
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