Re: [nbos] Fractal Mapper 8.10g update available
"Mike Oliver"
Wed Jul 15th, 2015
Hi Ed:

I've recently switched from my old desktop PC to a new laptop running
Windows 8. Could I be a pain and ask in what order I should run my Fractal
Mapper installations? I have the following files:

Mapper8.exe; fm8install.exe; fm8install.nbo801.exe; fm802cUPD.exe;

I'm sure I shouldn't install them all and I suspect I should do
fm8install.nbo801.exe first and then the two UPD files. Once I've done that,
I'll go for the 810g from the website. I haven't made up my mind about
Windows 10 yet but I'll keep the FM8 update on file just in case.

Hope all is well with you.



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Subject: [nbos] Fractal Mapper 8.10g update available

Hi All,

A new update to Fractal Mapper, 8.10g, is now available. The main reason
for this update was to make some interface tweaks so that it would work
better under the pending Windows 10. Also on that note I am happy to report
that FM8 works well on Windows 10 preview builds.

In addition, a bit of extra functionality was added: you can now use
patterns with transparency. I know this had been requested quite a bit, so
I figured while I was under the hood I'd take a look and see if I could get
that to work. The only limit is that the transparency does not work when
special effects are applied (blur, textures, etc).

You can grab the update in two ways. Either use 'Help -> Check for Updates'
from the program menu. Or, if that doesn't work or if you are still running
a very old build without the auto updater, you can download a standalone
updater here:



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