[nbos] [FM8] New maps: 4th & Final Joerdhgardh Northest volume released
"Mark Oliva"
Wed May 7th, 2014
FM8 relevance: This release includes 23 FM8 maps that can be downloaded
free and edited in FM8 as wished, including for custom use in other

The announcement:

For both Dungeons Daring (TM) and OGL 3.5 campaigns. The latter includes
Pathfinder (R), Dungeons & Dragons (R) 3.5 and, to a certain extent 13th Age
(TM) campaigns:

Today, we released the 4th and final volume of the 1514-page PDF Joerdhgardh
(TM) campaign setting accessory, "The Northwest." It now can be used
together with the earlier released volumes I to III and the historical
volume, "Urdh's Heimskringla - Tales of the Past." Among other things,
Volume 4 includes more than 229 pages of key NPC statistics in Dungeons
Daring and OGL 3.5 formats for Volumes 1 to 4 and 23 maps. The maps and
texts all can be downloaded in editable formats to allow custom use. The
entire package is free, open source, open game content, released under the
Open Game License 1.0a.

Content in Volume 4:

Karelenland: The last land upon the Joerdh where light elves still dwell in
the Dimension of the Living. The Kareli close their land to outsiders,
making it difficult (but not impossible) to enter. Those who succeed might
gain training in the world's finest schools for adventurers. Karelenland is
populated by light elves, half-elves and humans as well as a single dwarf.
It borders on the Dreadlands ruled by the undead Duke Thráinn and is just
across the northern channel from Northland, ruled by the evil dark elven
Witch Queen Luohi. The country offers many opportunities for adventure.

Gold Coast: A sparsely populated coastal march with only basic development
by the authors. However, it too borders upon Duke Thraínn's Dreadlands and
the Orchome mountains. Adventure opportunities are unlimited. The Gold
Coast is reserved for further, individual development by game masters.

Orchome West: Once the northern home of the dwindling Audhar stone giants
in the Foggy Mountains, this area now is home to many rival tribes and bands
of orcs and ogres.

Audharhome: The area in the southern Midworld Mountains where the remaining
Audhar stone giants dwell. They leave outsiders in peace, as long as they
remain outside, but woe be any outsiders who enter their mountain home.

Northland: The northern island ruled by the evil dark elven Witch Queen
Luohi and occupied by her dark elven folk.

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