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"Mark Oliva"
Sun Oct 13th, 2013
With the 126th Map of the Week we take a look at the quiet village of South
Junction. It has little to offer adventurers, but PC groups well may spend
a night in South Junction en route to other destinations. Therefore, we're
supplying a map and basic information.

Key to the Map of South Junction

1. Crossroads Inn. The inn consists of the main building, a large stall
and a shed. Everything in it is made of wood. The owner and innkeeper is
the 44-year-old human male merchant Dalimil. His alewife and cook is his
own wife, Irma, a 40-year-old human female artisan. The public room of the
inn is a popular night spot with locals. It opens daily at 16 bells (4
p.m.). Irma is no master cook but she makes decent traditional Slovanian
meals. She has two varying entrées daily, always at prices of 6 and 4
bronze pieces, and bread boards with sausage and pickle at 2 bronze pieces.
She brews her middle quality lager beer in the Grain Belt brewery (see
above). It sells for 2 copper pieces per quart/liter tankard. There is no
inn reception. Room booking is handled at the beer tap. The simple single
rooms cost 5 bronze pieces nightly.

2. General Store. Widow Brigita, a 64-year-old human female merchant, runs
South Junction's only general retail store. Adventurers will not find this
to be an exciting stop. One can buy only basic needs and supplies here,
including some textiles but excluding footwear, produce and meat. She runs
the store without employees. Her complex consists of the shop, two small
sheds, a woodshed and an outhouse.

3. Agáta's Footwear. Agáta, a 50-year-old spinster and master cobbler,
owns one of South Junction's bigger businesses. Her business manager is her
husband, Bruno, a 52-year-old human merchant. She employs eight journeyman
cobblers, all human male and female artisans; six apprentice cobblers, all
human male and female commoners, and eight teamster-peddlers, also human
male and female commoners. She is River County's last cobbler south of
North Junction and east of Mine Docks. With a business scheme developed by
Bruno, Agáta has taken full advantage of the lack of cobblers in
southeastern River County and northwestern Grainland County. Her cobblers
make custom shoes as well as boots and readymade footwear in fixed sizes.
Her eight teamster peddlers travel to almost every thorp, hamlet and small
village in southeastern River County and northwestern Grainland County,
where they sell readymade shoes and boots at the local markets. All eight
have been thoroughly trained to take precise foot measurements for those who
want custom footwear. Those customers, even in the smallest hamlets, can
order precisely-made footwear and reckon with delivery about a month later.
Agáta and Bruno have trained their peddlers well enough that they guarantee
a perfect fit. If a custom order doesn't fit, they will take back the shoes
or boots and refund the customer's payment. The South Junction workshop has
no retail operation. The self-employed market stand operator Filip, a
66-year-old retired journeyman cobbler who worked for Agáta, has the
exclusive right to sell her shoes on South Junction's Green Market. Bruno
and Agáta live in an apartment on the shop's 2nd story.

4. Northflood Creek.

5. Green Market. The name does not come from the produce orientation of
the marketplace. It's called the Green Market because it's set up in a
grassy meadow rather than on cobblestones or the like. Almost all of the
stands offer farm products, including smoked and cured sausage and meat.
There also is a stand that sells tap Grain Belt beer and another that sells
footwear from Agáta's cobbler shop. Occasionally a distant peddler comes to
town with other wares. However, the exotic items that adventurers sometimes
seek never are offered here. People who have such things to sell know of
better markets than this one where they can offer their wares.

6. Millstream.

7. Grain Mill. South Junction is by no means a milling center. Many of
the smaller villages and even hamlets along the area's waterways have their
own small mills, and the mill in South Junction is just another among them.
The tiny mill has twin waterwheels, one to mill grain and one to press
vegetable oil, but it handles only the harvests that are brought in from
farms within 10 miles/15 km of town. The mill is owned and operated by
master miller Mojmír, a 41-year-old human male artisan, and his family.
They include Mojmír's wife, Johana, a 38-year-old human female commoner; son
Hanu¹, a journeyman miller and 20-year-old human male artisan, and daughter
Marta, a 17-year-old human female commoner. Farmers who bring grain to the
mill pay a 10% milling commision. The may leave the mill with 90% of the
millage or take only what they need and leave the rest for sale on

8. Village Smithy. Master Blacksmith Hana, a 46-year-old human female
artisan, owns the smithy, which concentrates solely on the blacksmith work
needed by locals. She is no weaponsmith and refuses to make or repair
weapons or armor. Hana employs a journeyman blacksmith, the 28-year-old
human male artisan Maxim, and an apprentice blacksmith, the 15-year-old
human female commoner Markéta. She is responsible for making horseshoes and
shoeing horses. Hana and her husband Otmar, the 45-year-old human male
merchant who is local station manager of the Royal Trading Co., live in an
apartment above the smithy.

9. Royal Trading Co. Station. South Junction and its station are minor
stopping points for Royal Trading. Most teamsters stop to exchange a bit of
cargo, spend the night in the Crossroads Inn and then continue on. The
complex consists of a warehouse where station manager Otmar, a 45-year-old
merchant, has his office, and a wagon house. The teamsters keep their
draught horses in the inn's stable. Otmar employs a human male commoner as
a laborer. Otmar and his wife the blacksmith Hana, a 46-year-old human
female artisan, live in an apartment above her smithy (Location No. 8).

10. Village Hall. Burgomaster Felix, a 68-year-old human male
merchant-warrior and retired military officer, has his office here. Felix
also is deputy commander of the village watch, a crew of 12 human male and
female fighters. The commander is the unmarried 34-year-old human female
warrior Pavla, who has a room on the 3rd story of the Crossroads Inn. The
watch is stationed in the village hall, and it has a small local jail in the
cellar of the building. Crime is rare in South Junction. The jail usually
is used only to dry out drunks overnight. The village employs a
treasurer-clerk, a human female merchant, and two laborers, human male and
female commoners. The stable, across from the main building, houses the
horses of the watch. The burgomaster and his 69-year-old wife Ema, a human
female healer, live in a large house on Castle Hill. Ema urges villagers to
learn to take care of their minor problems themselves, but when someone is
seriously ill or injured, she still will employ her talents. She is the
only healer in South Junction.

11. Marina's Wagons. Master wainwright Marina, a 40-year-old human female
commoner, repairs wagons of the Royal Trading Co., but her main work is
making and repairing farm wagons, carts, wheelbarrows and the like. She
employs a human male artisan journeyman wainwright and an apprentice, a
human female commoner. Marina and her husband, Eduard, a 39-year-old human
male fighter who is a member of the village watch, live in an apartment
above the wagon works.

12. AEsir Tower Ruin. Atop the northernmost tip of Castle Hill one finds a
ring of large stones embedded in the ground that doubtless once formed the
base of an AEsir tower. However, nothing more is known about this site in
South Junction.

13. Junction Livestock. Master thief Zikmund, a 42-year-old human male
fugitive from Windland, sells and trades horses. When he trades fresh
horses for tired animals, he insists upon a 10% comission. He also will do
all he can to lower the estimated value of the horses he receives and to
exaggerate the value of those the customer receives. Considerable haggling
is necessary to close a reasonable deal. Zikmund lives alone in a rented
room on the 3rd story of the inn.

14. Baron Chenehk's Castle. Chenehk, a 50-year-old human male warrior who
distinguished himself as a military officer in battles against orcs in the
north, now rules the area around South Junction for Count Arno¹t, who once
was his military commander. Chenehk has a totally peaceful barony, one that
requires little work on his part. But he still attempts to keep a
responsible eye upon it. Corruption plays no big role with the baron or his
barony; the barony lacks the wealth and resources upon which corruption
thrives. Chenehk lives in the castle with his wife, Miloslava, a
47-year-old seer. Her magical eye does much to ward the barony from harm.
However, Chenehk never asks his wife to use her magic for him. What she
does with her talents is her business, in his opinion. If her deeds help
the barony, he is grateful. When he needs works of magic, Chenehk calls
upon the court mage, the 37-year-old human male wizard Milan. He lives in
the tower on the castle grounds, the erstwhile keep from AEsir days. The
baronial adjutant, the 49-year-old scholar Elena, also lives in the castle,
along with her mentally disabled husband Norbert, a 50-year-old human
warrior. He was struck by a magical spell from a dark rider draug in a
battle in northern Slovania several years ago. No one has succeeded in
neutralizing that effect to date. Baron Chenehk and Miloslava have two
adult children. Both work as merchants in the employ of Distant Trails
Trading in Windland.

You can get this map in two versions from the Joerdhgardh website:

1. The Fractal Mapper (TM) 8 version in FMP format, fully editable (33 MB).

2. As a JPG flat map of 1360 Pixels x 1020 Pixels (710 KB).

Both versions are released for personal and commercial use under the Open
Game License Version 1.0a, which you can read on the Joerdhgardh website at:


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