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Thu Aug 29th, 2013
Hi All,

This is a non-NBOS but still gaming-related project I've been working
on. Its a site designed to make it easier to find fellow gamers for
at-table gaming.

The idea is when you sign up, you select your location on a map. When
another member within a certain distance of you posts that they are looking
for a game or have a game opening, it gets sent to your inbox (either the
inbox on the site, or via email). This way you don't have to continue to
monitor various sites for game openings of interest - local messages are
pushed out to you. Or the other way of looking at it, if you make a post,
it gets pushed out to everyone in your area who's interested in receiving
game opening/wanted announcements.

So, if this is something you are interested in joining, head on over to
http://www.GeekTransit.com and sign up. Obviously there won't be much up
there right now, if anything, but hopefully that will change as people sign
up. Feel free to invite others you think might be interested.


ps: This is early-beta, so there's likely some rough edges.

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