[nbos] [FM8] Joerdhgardh Map of Week #119 Released
"Mark Oliva"
Sun Aug 25th, 2013
With the 119th Map of the Week we take a look at the Slovanian city of Mine
Docks with a glimpse inside of the "low Class" Oar and Pick Inn in the North
District. Klement, a 67-year-old retired merchant from the Royal Trading
Co. coster, purchased the rundown Oar and Pick several years ago and,
step-for-step, restored it. Klement is betting that the inn will provide a
good income for himself and later his inheriting children once Baron Lubosh'
cleanup of the North District has been completed. At present, the inn runs
on something of a break-even basis. The once decrepit wooden roofed
firetrap now has a clay tile roof, but the walls inside still are wooden and
any semblance of luxury must be sought elsewhere. That notwithstanding, the
inn does enjoy substantial protection. Baron Lubosh respects Klement's
investment as a signal of support for his planned renewal of the North
District. It would be against the baron's own best interests if the
remodeled Oar and Pick were to be known as a house where guests are robbed
and burglarized. The inn is off limits to all independent operations by the
thieves' guild. Any planned theft or burglary in the inn or on the inn's
grounds must be approved by the baron's brother-in-law, crime lord
Bronislav. The inn is a place where only nobodies stay. Its name comes
from its original goal of being a hostelry for visiting miners and raftsmen.
They still account for the largest part of the guest registry. The rest
includes traveling peddlers, occasional parties of adventurers with few
coins in their pockets and other low income transients. The rooms cost a
bronze piece nightly. A bed in the open bay accommodations costs 4 copper
pieces. The menu offers only a small selection of simple, traditional
Slovanian dishes, which means small portions of meat and larger shares of
dumplings and vegetables. However, that's exactly the kind of food that
most guests seek and want. The quality of the food is good, and the house
cook, Nina, a 55-year-old human female artisan, is talented at making the
best of simple ingredients. The house's hearty ale, on the other hand, is
of the best quality. It's the work of master alewife Klára, a 50-year-old
human female artisan. Meals run from two to six bronze pieces, and the ale
costs 2 copper pieces per pint/half-liter tankard. The inn's manager is
Klement's son, Robin, a 42-year-old human male merchant. He, his wife and
their two children live in their own private dwelling. Robin employs a
bartender, two waitresses, two chamber maids and a laborer. All are human
male and female commoners.

Key to the Floor Plan of the Oar and Pick Inn

If a PC group wants to spend the night in the Oar and Pick, it probably will
find beds available in the open bay on the second floor, but most rooms on
the third floor usually are occupied.

Ground Floor

1. Entry.

2. Public Room.

3. Entry to Guest Area.

4. Inn Reception and Office.

5. Stairway to Upper Floors.

6. Jakes. Note that there are no separate jakes for men and women. The
door to the double jakes also has no lock. The black circles are offal
shafts from the upper story jakes.

7. Kitchen.

8. Trapdoor to Storage Cellar (not mapped).

9. Rear Door.

10. Beer Tap.

11. Food Serving Area.

Second Story

12. Stairway from the Ground Floor.

13. Second Story Landing.

14. Stairway to the 3rd Story.

15. Tables for Guests.

16. Open Bay Bunk Area.

17. Jakes.

18. Broom Closet. The black circle is the offal shaft from the third story

Third Story

The game master should note that accomodations on this level are humble but
more private than in the open bay area on the second story. Each private
room has the same type of bed as is found in the open bay. Each room also
has a night table, a foot locker, a bed pan, a small wardrobe and a table
with chair in the windowed dormer. In each room, the 6-foot/180 cm space
inward from the outer wall is of limited usefulness due to the slope of the
inn's mansard roof. Only the dormer areas had full-height ceilings.

19. Stairway to the Second Story.

20. Open Dormer. The walls of this dormer extend all the way to the floor.

21. Jakes.

22. Lobby Area. Two wooden benches are the only furnishings.

23. Ladder. It leads to a ceiling trapdoor to the attic storage area
(unmapped), which has a low ceiling except in the areas where there are
dormers. The trapdoor always is locked.

24. Guest Room Area. The numbers in parantheses are individual room

You can get the floor plans in two versions from the Joerdhgardh website:

1. The Fractal Mapper (TM) 8 version in FMP format, fully editable (6.5

2. As three JPG flat maps of 1360 Pixels x 910 Pixels each (1.3 MB).

Both versions are released for personal and commercial use under the Open
Game License Version 1.0a, which you can read on the Joerdhgardh website at:


Next Week: The Audharhome Enclaves

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