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Released: Free Dundjinni Archives Vol 1 (Overland) for FM8

Contributor:MarkOlivaRating:Not enough votes yet
Date Added:09/11/2016Downloads:320
Description:We've closed beta testing and have released Voolume 1 of the Dundjinni Archives for FM8. The release version includes another 20+ MB of mapping objects taht were mistakenly included in the fantasy city and dungeon archives. These were not included in the open beta version. To download, go to:


From 2004 to 2008, Cecil Solomon compiled all of the symbols and fill styles that Dundjinni users who were willing to share them had posted on the Dundjinni forum into the CSUAC. After Cecil stopped supporting the CSUAC in 2008, Dundjinni users Kepli, Sendorian and Daniel Pryor continued collecting these works in the Dundjinni Archives, a less formal but still formidable collection, and much larger than the CSUAC.

Recently, the Vintyri Project was granted the right to make and release Fractal Mapper (TM) 8 and CC3+ versions of these archives. As always with Vintyri products, this release is free and available for personal and commercial use. The first of three archive releases for FM8 now is available for open beta testing. We hope to close the beta testing on Friday, September 9.

The Dundjinni Archives for FM8 will be released in three separate downloads:

Volume 1 – Overland Symbols and Covers. The download comes to about 350 MB. For the first time, it makes the user collection of Dundjinni ISO symbols and covers available fully converted for FM8. Unlike almost all other Dundjinni objects, those in this collection are primarily useful for FM8 overland maps.

Volume 2 – Fantasy Symbols and Fill Styles. This will be the last release in this series. It includes more than 2 GB of mapping objects. There is no release date target at this time.

Volume 3 – Modern and Science Fiction Symbols and Fill Styles. This will be the next release in this series. It includes some 200 MB of mapping objects. We're giving Volume 3 priority because of the relatively small number of symbols available to Modern and SciFi map makers. The release target is for late September.

Mark Oliva
The Vintyri (TM) Project
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