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Modern Chinese Names

Contributor:JoelCrookRating:Not enough votes yet
Date Added:07/25/2016Downloads:422
Description:This generates modern Chinese names. It also generates English-Chinese names and
Chinese names with English nicknames.

Orthography of the results are as follows:
Chinese names are in [Chinese Last name] [Chinese First Name]
English names are in [English First Name] ['Chinese first name'] [ChineseLast Name]
English Nicknames are in [Chinese First Name] ['English nickname'] [Chinese Last Name]

Tables in this generator:
[@ChineseLastName] - 386 Chinese Last Names
[@ChineseMaleFirstName] - 479 Chinese Male First Names
[@ChineseFemaleFirstName] - 333 Chinese Female First Names
[@EnglishMaleNickname] - 186 English Male Nicknames
[@EnglishFemaleNickname] - 136 English Female Nicknames
[@EnglishMaleFirstName] - 437 English Male Names
[@EnglishFemaleFirstName] - 295 English Female Names
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