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Sample AlienAPI Scripts

Contributor:NBOSRating:Not enough votes yet
Date Added:09/20/2006Downloads:2211
Description:Sample AlienAPI scripts from Astro 2 Beta Testing. These may/may not do anything useful, but are provided as examples of how to perform certain tasks with the api. The scripts are provides as is - they were from Astro 2's Beta Testing so have not been thoroughly tested and may have problems.

- AnimateTest.AstroScript
Shows how to create a movie file from within a script

- DeleteSubsectors.AstroScript
Shows deleting all subsectors

- ExplodeAnimation.AstroScript
A simple 'exploding' sector animation

- FileTypeHandlerExample.AstroScript
An example of registering a file time for opening via File-Open in the program

- IPadTester.AstroScript
An example of calling an Inspiration Pad Pro table

- KeyTest.AstroScript
An example of reading key presses

- MyGenerator.AstroScript
Shows how a custom generator is created

- RadomizeStars.AstroScript
An animation that randomizes all your star locations

- SearchExample.AstroScript
An example of using the Searcher class

- Squash.AstroScript
An animation that compresses stars along the Y axis

- UITest.AstroScript
A sample of each GUI widget type.
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