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CSV & SQL Exporter

Contributor:DavidLomanRating:Not enough votes yet
Date Added:08/22/2006Downloads:2607
Description:Converts Astro2 Sector files to a series of relational database schema .csv files and/or a single .sql that is designed to be sourced directly in to a MySQL Database.

Child and parent relationships are formed using the Body/Route/Waypoint/SubSector IDString.

All CSV and SQL files are saved to:

Currently, v1.05 does not allow for the exporting of user defined fields. This is being worked on.

*Updated: 8/22/06
- Propped to ver 1.05.
- Added regular integer row values for BodyID and ParentID on the Bodies Table.
- Added integer row values to the Routes Table and have Waypoint Table entries reference this new integer value.
- Added BodyName and BodyStringID columns to the Waypoints Table.
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