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Spreadsheet Plugin for The Keep v2.0

Contributor:NBOSRating:3 out of 5, 0 votes
Date Added:09/27/2014Downloads:696
Description:This is a very basic Spreadsheet custom topic type for The Keep 2.0 designed to allow those beta testing the upcoming version to try out the plugin system.

If you have The Keep v1.0, this file won't be of use!
RachaelStrange on 01/28/2015
Issue of note: I can not copy & paste into the new spreadsheet. I can not load standard excel spreadsheets into this. My question is can there be made a plugin to use portable application? http://portableapps.com/ has a free platform that works GREAT! if all my NBOS software were to work in this i would be so happy... BUT my request/question is how would I make a plugin that uses a portable (open office spreadsheet) program to open files like .xls (but add "p" to the end for portable version) so I can launch such items hosted inside the Keep.
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