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Jörðgarð Map of Week #131 - Stormmill Village

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Date Added:11/17/2013Downloads:994
Description:With the 131st Map of the Week we take a look at Storm Mill, the county seat of Slovania's tropical Grainland County. At first glance, Storm Mill will appear to be an unchallenging stop for adventurers who are passing through town to destinations in the north or south. However, if a PC group takes interest in the forbidden trails that follow the Dead River upstream, they may find themselves in a fatal adventure. At the stream's source in the Dark Hills, great danger waits.

Key to the Map of Storm Mill

1. Border Road. The old, half-vanished cobblestone farm road of the Æsir marks the border between River County and Grainland County.

2. Communal Cow Pasture. All farmers are allowed to graze their cows (bit not their cattle) here.

3. Farms.

4. Fishermen's Guild. The guild has seven members. It functions like a cooperative. The members fish the River Storming from the guild hall dock on the river upstream over a 6-mile/10-km stretch. Fishing days are coordinated among the members, who also have farms. They fish from 4 to 11 bells (4 to 11 a.m.) and then process and pack their catch until 18 or 19 bells (6 or 7 p.m.).

5. Millpond. Water is diverted from the River Storming to flow to the Storm Mill below.

6. Storm Mill. The grain and vegetable oil mill gave the village its name. The mill takes advantage of the river's drop, channeling the millpond's water over an elevated wooden trough onto the twin upper-driven waterwheels of the mill below. The mill is owned by master miller Adriana, a 58-year-old human female artisan and widow. She lives in an apartment on the mill's ground floor and second story. Adriana employs two journeyman millers, both artisans, and two apprentice millers, a teamster and a laborer, all commoners. All are human males and females. Adriana charges a 10% milling fee by weight.

7. Three Rivers Inn. This relatively prosperous inn, the only one in town, is owned by the 48-year-old human male merchant Vitěslav. His wife, the 46-year-old, Jindřiška, a human female artisan, is both the chief cook and alewife. In the kitchen, she prepares a variety of dishes that range from local beef to fowl to freshwater fish from the River Storming. Meals run from 4 to 9 bronze pieces. In the brewhouse, she makes a delicious, light and golden top-fermented ale that sells for 2 copper pieces per pint/half-liter tankard. The inn's guest rooms cost 7 bronze pieces per night. Vitěslav and Jindřiška employ a bookkeeper, a human female merchant; a journeyman cook, a human male artisan; an apprentice cook, a human female commoner; a waiter and waitress, human male and female commoners; two chambermaids, human female commoners, and three stable boys, human male commoners. The main buildings in the inn complex are the inn itself, the brewhouse and the combination stable-coachhouse. Vitěslav and Jindřiška live in an apartment on the inn's 3rd story. Their two adult children no longer live at home.

8. Farmers' Cooperative. Most farmers in the Storm Mill area and the miller Adriana are cooperative members. The coop collects crops and grains that the members do not need for their own use, packs them when necessary and markets them. It also maintains a private granary (Location No. 9) to store commodities that have not yet been sold. The manager is the 52-year-old human male merchant Libor. He employs three laborers, all human male and female commoners.

9. Farmers' Cooperative Granary. See the description of Location No. 8. The granary also has a root cellar.

10. County and Baronial Granary. The granary stores the crops and grain collected by the tithing agents of Count Blahoslav and Baroness Nora. The manager is the 47-year-old human female merchant Kamila. She employs two laborers, both human male and female commoners.

11. Millstream.

12. Storm Ford General Store. Store owner Vavřinec, a 60-year-old human male merchant, sells most basic needs other than food and footwear. He also has an assortment of simple weapons. He employs two salespersons and a laborer, all human male and female commoners. Vavřinec, a bachelor, lives in an apartment on a part of the 2nd story separate from the store.

13. Bořivoj's Bakery. Master baker Bořivoj, a 40-year-old human male artisan, makes bread and other baked goods. He employs a journeyman baker, a human female artisan, and two saleswomen, both human female commoners. Bořivoj lives with his two juvenile daughters and his wife, the 37-year-old bakery saleswoman Berta, a human male commoner, in an apartment above the bakery. Bořivoj also employs a second salesperson and a laborer, both human female commoners.

14. Lumír's Shoes. Cobbler Lumir, a 59-year-old human male artisan, makes Storm Mill's footwear. He employs a journeyman cobbler, a human female artisan. He also employs an apprentice cobbler and a laborer, both human male and female commoners. His wife, Lada, a 56-year-old human female commoner, handles customers at the shop's counter. She and Lumír live in a 2nd story apartment above the shop. Their two adult children no longer live at home.

15. Marketplace. Anyone who wishes to do business can set up a stand on the marketplace without a permit. However, members of the village watch do monitor activity there to make sure that nothing illegal is being done. Most of the items offered are food products produced by local farmers.

16. Butcher Apolena. Master Butcher Apolena, a 42-year-old human female artisan, not only butchers and makes sausage and smoked meats but also slaughters local livestock, mostly on location. She employs three journeyman butchers, all human male and female artisans, as well as three salespersons and a laborer, all human male and female commoners. She and her husband, Cyril, the 44-year human male fighter who owns the Hela's Ladder Tavern (Location No. 21), live in an apartment above the butcher shop. They have no offspring.

17. Three Rivers House of Healing. Two human healers, the 43-year-old Daniel and his 41-year-old wife Darja, operate this herbal clinic. Daniel is the chief healer for patients. Another healer, the 28-year-old human female Cecílie, also heals patients. Darja is in charge of the apothecary operation. She and the 36-year-old human male healer Luděk make the herbal medicines and remedies that are used in treatment and sold over the counter. Darja employs the herbal specialist gardener Medard, a 42-year-old human male scholar, and a laborer, a human male commoner, to tend the house's large herbal garden. It runs southwestward from the back of the house along the north bank of the River Storming. The garden produces herbs that are exported to other houses of healing in Slovania as well as for local use. Daniel and Darja, a childless couple, live in an apartment on the second story.

18. Village Hall. Burgomaster Hugo, a 60-year-old human male merchant, has his office here. The village employs a treasurer-clerk, a human female merchant, and two laborers, human male and female commoners. The burgomaster and his 59-year-old wife Ema, a human female scholar, live in a private house. The commander of the village watch, a crew of 10 human male and female warriors and fighters, is the unmarried 33-year-old human male warrior Richard, who lives in a rented apartment above the Hela's Ladder Tavern (Location No. 21). The watch is stationed on second story of the village hall, and it has a small local jail in the cellar of the building. Crime is rare in Storm Mill. The jail usually is used only to dry out drunks overnight. The stable, across from the main building, houses the horses of the watch.

19. Storm Ford. The old paths to the ford still are visible, but it's been out of use since the River Storming bridge was built. Today, kids sometimes play in the shallows, and members of the Fishermen's Guild occasionally angle for trout in the old ford.

20. Zdislava's Smithy. Master Blacksmith Zdislava, a 37-year-old human female artisan, is not only a talented smith but also a huge woman. She stands 6' 6"/198 cm tall and weighs 220 pounds/100 kg, all of it muscle. Her main trade is that of a blacksmith, but she also is good at repairing long swords. Her husband is the just-as-tall commander of the military garrison (Location No 24), the 36-year-old human male warrior Vladan. Zdislava has no training as a weaponsmith, but she has a strong natural talent as a smith, and she has learned to understand the balance of the long swords used by her husband, his soldiers and the village watch. She makes no weapons, but she is quite competent at repairing long swords. Zdislava employs two journeymen smiths, both human male artisans, as well as an apprentice smith and a laborer, both human female commoners. Zdislava and Vladan live in a side wing of the smithy.

21. Hela's Ladder Tavern. The tavern is owned by the 44-year human male fighter Cyril, a former member of the village watch who decided to hang up his sword. The Ladder, as it's called, is frequented mainly by artisans, who start appearing before 12 bells and show up periodically during the course of the afternoon, depending upon the degree of thirst and the amount of work they need to do. Artisans' shops close at about 17 bells (5 p.m.). At that time, masters, journeymen and apprentices begin coming to the tavern. Cyril works in the tavern until the main evening rush is past, at about 19 bells (7 p.m.), when his wife, the butcher Apolena, settles down in their apartment after a day's work at the forge. At 19 bells, Cyril turns the keys over to his bartender, Michal, a 62-year-old retired human male warrior who served earlier with Cyril in the village watch. Michal then runs the tavern until midnight. Cyril works alone in the tavern until 16 bells, when his three waitresses, Zora, Marta and Galina, go on duty. All three are human female commoners, aged, respectively, 36, 26 and 28. Marta is married and goes home after work. Zora's and Galina's husbands have left them. Both do private after-hours business in their apartments in the village. There is no cooking in the Ladder, nor does the tavern have a brewhouse. Cyril buys barrels of ale from the Three Rivers Inn (Location No. 7) and sells it at two copper pieces per quart/half-liter tankard. Shortly after 16 bells, Čestmir, the 50-year-old human male commoner who works as a laborer for Cyril's wife, the butcher Apolena, buys bread at the bakery and pickles at the general store. He places them in his cart and picks up sausage at the butcher shop, then brings everything to the tavern. There, Marta makes bread boards, at two bronze pieces each, for the customers who want to eat in the tavern. Hela's Ladder is an unusual construction for Slovania. The main public room is on the ground floor. The second story is ringed with a balcony-like construction that is open in the middle. The third story traditionally was the apartment of the tavernkeeper. However, Cyril lives in the apartment above Apolena's butcher shop. He rents the apartment to Richard, commander of the village watch.

22. Royal Trading Co. Station. Storm Fortress is an important stop on Royal Trading's central routes. Caravans take a night's rest in the village and they trade horses here. The teamsters stay in the Three Rivers Inn or in private rooms that the coster rents for them. The complex consists of an administrative building, a wagon house and a horse stable along with an outdoor corral. The station manager is the 47-year-old human male merchant Dobroslav. He employs a stable master, six stable boys and girls and two laborers, all human male and female commoners.

23. Naděžda's Wagons. The small shop is run by master wainwright Naděžda, a 38-year-old human female artisan. Her business is limited mostly to building and repairing the small wagons, carts and wheelbarrows used by local farmers, but when it's necessary, she will make repairs on larger wagons of those who are passing through, including the wagons of the Royal Trading Co. (Location No. 22) next door. Naděžda employs a journeyman wainwright, a human male artisan, and an apprentice, a human female commoner. She and her husband, Heřman, a 37-year-old human male commoner who works as a teamster for Royal Trading, live in a private house along with their two juvenile children, a son and a daughter, and Heřman's mother, Saskie, a 60-year-old human female commoner. Saskie takes care of the children when their parents are working.

24. Garrison. The military detachment in Storm Mill is small, with only 50 soldiers stationed in it. Even that number has relatively little to do, mainly patrolling the rural areas outside of town or hunting down the occasional brigands who trouble the roads. Most of the soldiers in the garrison are locals who live in their own homes. Commandant Vladan, a 36-year-old human male warrior, is the commander. The tall soldier, standing 6'6" high, is married to the equally tall human female blacksmith Zdislava. The couple lives in an apartment in a side wing of her smithy (Location No. 20).

25. Baronial Castle. With Count Blahoslav resident in Storm Mill, Baroness Nora plays more of an administrative role and less of a ruling role than the other barons of the county. Her barony reaches out for about 10 miles/15 km in every direction except into Grainland County in the northwest. Her tithing agents are responsible for bringing in both her share and the count's share of tithes within the barony. The baroness is a 46-year-old human female scholar. Her husband was a military officer who fell in a battle with orcs in the north. Nora also is responsible for the justice system in Storm Mill and the rest of her barony. The count becomes involved only on appellate level. The baroness employs her adjutant, Emil, a 66-year-old human male warrior who is a retired military officer; two bookkeepers, human male and female merchants; six tithing agents, human male and female merchants; three clerks, human male and female commoners; two laborers, human male and female commoners, and a cook and a chambermaid, both human female commoners.. Her complex on Castle Hill consists only of her castle and a woodshed, but she also has use of the count's stable.

26. County Castle. Count Blahoslav, a 58-year-old human male fighter, rules from the castle, which also houses the county administration. His adjutant is the 52-year-old human female scholar Lenka. The count is a widower, but it is an open secret in Storm Mill that he and Lenka sleep together. It also is a mystery to the public that the two do not marry, but no one would question them on this matter. The count employs two bookkeepers, human male and female merchants; two clerks, human male and female commoners; two laborers, human male and female commoners, and a cook and three chambermaids, all human female commoners. The cook and the chambermaids live in the servants' house on the southwest side of the castle. The complex on Castle Hill also includes a shed and a woodshed. The tower in the count's castle complex is the domain of Dagmar, the 51-year-old human female wizard who serves the count as his court wizard.

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