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Space2 60-78ly fileset

Contributor:IceAceTomRating:Not enough votes yet
Date Added:12/02/2014Downloads:2102
Description:This is the second installment of my "Real Space" mapping/SF universe project. It covers everything brighter than absolute magnitude 9.51 (that's my own cutoff point for spectral M0V) from 60 to 78 light years from Sol, not included are the red dwarfs (plus some white dwarfs) fainter than that (they'll come later). Multiple stars are broken down for AstroSyn diplay and standard galactic coordinates are properly transposed to AstroSyn's format. See the description for Space60ly.zip for the full details. It's only 18 light years, but the file has 804 records even without all the fainter red dwarfs! :-)

Files included are the AstroSyn .csv file, the three OpenOffice.org v.3.2.1 .ods spreadsheet files used to make that file, a "data" .ods file without all the formulas for quicker loading, and an AstroSyn .sector file with all the stars in these two filesets, complete with my custom colors. See the text file in the other fileset for all the details of this project.
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