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The Keep 1.01c Auto-Updater

Contributor:NBOSRating:Not enough votes yet
Date Added:10/16/2010Downloads:1780
Description:This is an auto-updater that updates your copy of The Keep to version 1.01c.

To install this auto-updater, unzip the contents of this zip file into the same directory where The Keep is installed (typically "c:\program files\nbos\TheKeep"). The files "NBOSUpdater.exe" and "update.dat" should end up in the same directory that the Keep's executable file, "KeepCM.exe", is located in.

Then, run NBOSUpdater.exe. Since this is an auto-updater that alters program files, you may receive a UAC prompt asking for your permission to update the application.

An alternate option, if you do not want to run this auto-updater, is to log into the store where you purchased The Keep (RPGNow, Paizo, etc), and re-download/re-install the program. The downloads on our retail partners' sites have all been updated to this latest version.

Changes in this version (includes cumulative 1.01b and 1.01c changes):

- [Added] Automatic periodic backups. Can be configured in the program preferences window.
- [Added] Automatic updater checks. Can be configured in the program preferences window.
- [Added] Hotkeys - CTRL+P to print current item
- [Added] Hotkeys for the folders - CTRL+UP_ARROW to move an item up, CTRL+DOWN_ARROW to move an item down, CTRL+DELETE to delete selected item.
- [Added] Hotkeys for word processor - CTRL-B,I,U to Bold, Italic, and Underline text
- [Fixed] An AV occurred when the last user-created entry in the tree was moved down with 'arrange - move down'.
- [Fixed] Wrong filter displayed when selecting a .keep file to import.

- [FIXED] Fixed a problem with pasting hyperlinks
- [CHANGED] The new root folder option in the new button on the toolbar is now always enabled
- [FIXED] Hyperlinks in table cells were not working

This program relies on licensing information shipped with the commercial version of The Keep. The downloaded program update will not operate without this license information.
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