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Vintyri Fill Patterns in new, bigger release

Contributor:MarkOlivaRating:Not enough votes yet
Date Added:02/08/2010Downloads:2392
Description:Actually, we had no plans to release a Version 3 of our fill patterns collection (Fills & Textures) at any time at all in the foreseeable future. But ... Totte on the Dundjinni forums had been really urging me to get Filter Forge, which I finally did, and we already had acquired Image Synth, which turns difficult images into seamless fills. In addition to that, we've been working hard on the raster mapping tutorial and discovering we need this and that but we don't have it, so we have to make it. The bottom line is, it occurred to me that we now have more than twice as many FM8 fill patterns as we released in Version 2, and that it probably would be smart to release a version 3 to double everyone's fun. So, our Fills & Textures release has gotten to be twice the size it was, and it's available for free download. This version includes many more overland landscape fill patterns than its predecessor as well as a number of new things like cobblestone roads and thatch roofing. Two different download versions are available: One is the complete package and the other updates Version 2 to Version 3, for those who already have installed Version 2. (Version 3 includes all of Version 2). There also is a 20-page bookmarked PDF that shows you all of the fills available. You can download the PDF with the link below. You can download the fill patterns by going to www.vintyri.com, picking the cartographic option and then going to Fills & textures Version 3.
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