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Merchants Mansion

Contributor:Paul HuntingtonRating:Not enough votes yet
Date Added:01/27/2010Downloads:921
Description:A three floored mansion of a merchant/mage. Use the layer buttons to show the indvidual floors. My first upload didn't work (sorry), I've renamed the file M-mansion.fmp and will try a test download straight away. If I get any problems I'll post a comment immeadiately.
MarkOliva on 01/29/2010
UPDATE: Correct. The roofs are invisible. Now that I understand that part of the map was left empty, it's clear that I can see everything else. It's good work. I did assume that more was missing than the roofs. We're in an advanced stage of our raster mapping tutorial right now. I'll be surprised if it's not done before the end of February. My guess is, that it will be released between February 10 and 15. It will explain about the fine points like embedding and how to deal with them. PREVIOUS COMMENTS: I can open the file now, but I suspect that you've used raster symbols in non-standard folders. As a result, other people's computers can't find those symbols, and only blanks appear. This problem shouldn't occur with the symbols that were delivered with FM8, because the other computer should have all of these symbols too. For other collections, you must embed the symbols. That requires a modification of the default.xml file in each folder with symbols that must be embedded. In that case, you must erase the "noembed" line in default.xml and save the change. After that, the symbols in such a catalog will be embedded in your maps, but this also will make the byte size of your saved maps much bigger than they would be without embedded symbols. Unfortunately, you have to do that before you make the map. If you do that later, the map will embed only those symbols that you place on it after changing default.xml.
Paul Huntington on 01/28/2010
Thanks for the Mark, I had no idea. I think the only non standard symbols I used were for the roof, everything else should work. I'll update the map with standard (not as good looking) roofs later. Paul. 2nd floor has been left intentionally blank because some folk may wish to place the servants quarters here rather than on the first.
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