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Vintyri Cartographic Collection 1

Contributor:MarkOlivaRating:Not enough votes yet
Date Added:05/07/2009Downloads:1258
Description:A bit earlier this year, I mentioned that the Vintyri Project is producing a large Cartographic Collection of raster (PNG) symbols for use with FM8. This collection will be released in several symbol sets. Symbol Set 1 for city walls, towers and gates now is available below for download. It consists of three catalogs, one for brown beaver tail clay roof tiles, one for light beaver tale clay roof tiles and one for slate roof tiles. You can see samples below, The symbol set is accompanied by a 30-page PDF file that tells you how to install the symbols properly, gives tips on how to put walls together and gives you colored graphics of all of the symbols and of the original historical European buildings that were the prototypes for these symbols. We strongly suggest that you download and look through the PDF before downloading the symbols. Unfortunately, the PDF was a few hundred KB too large to upload here. To get it, you'll have to go to:


Warning: The download link below will give you only a JPG version of the map on the cover of the PDF.
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