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ScreenMonkey 1.5 (1.0 to 1.5 updater)

Contributor:NBOSRating:Not enough votes yet
Date Added:05/05/2004Downloads:995
Description:This is a minor point version upgrade for the commercial version of ScreenMonkey v1.0. This is an installation program that will update your ScreenMonkey installation. To install, download the file and run it. Notable changes:

[New] A completely new 'advanced' player interface. This new web interface features a single window display with both the map and chat on one page. There's a scrollable map area for big maps, map zooming (IE only), and collapsable/resizable panels. In addition, the chat display now maintains a full record of the entire session's messages in a scrollable window.

[New] Added a 'Automatically Select file format for smallest size' option in preferences. When checked (as it is by default), ScreenMonkey will automatically choose between PNG and JPG formats and select the one that produces the smallest map image size. This improves performance.

[Change] The miniature selection list in the Add NPCs window has been replaced with a multiple column, scrollable selection list. This makes it possible to easily see all the available miniature images.

[Change] When placing NPCs on the map, the first NPC of a specific type is not numbered. This allows the GM to place unique characters on the map without having a number in their name.

This program will not be functional if you are not a registered owner of ScreenMonkey - it requires licensing information that is included in the full commercial downloaded installer.
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