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3.5 SRD Treasure By CR

Contributor:Ike DuncanRating:3 out of 5, 0 votes
Date Added:12/11/2007Downloads:2067
Description:This will generate random treasure based on the CR you enter, or you can set it to random.

Includes all of the 3.5 base SRD tables and calculates values.

Tables are all weighted tables so you can add items from other books as needed for your game.

NOTE: Requires at least Beta 4 of Inspiration Pad Pro 2.0.

Update 1: Added commas to the values for easier reading and represents value remainders in silver pieces
AlvinPlummer on 05/23/2009
This program is ineffective, at least for Inspiration Pad Pro 2. An update is required for a working program.
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