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RPGCG Importer v1.2

Contributor:RoyBelangerRating:Not enough votes yet
Date Added:06/27/2007Downloads:1354
Description:This script will import *.sgs save files created by the RPG City Map Generator v4.30 to 4.50. (It may work on newer versions)

To use this script, save a map generated with The RPG City Map Generator. Open FM7 and choose Run Script From File (F9) select this script and follow the instructions.

The maps imported with this script are not intended to be used "as is", they will need some attention and tweaking but it sure beats creating the whole thing from scratch. Some of the data generated will produce undesirable artifacts. The default setting work for most maps but if you are still seeing lots of artifacts try customizing the import settings.

With v1.1 maps are now drawn in the FM7 Style. You can still have the buildings drawn as plain rectangles by customizing the import settings.

RPG City Map Generator can be found at:

Note: I did not write the City Generator. For any questions about that program please contact the author.


Change Log
v1.2 6-27-07 - Added 2 more building styles.
- Building colors now determined by a RPG Table .dat file.
- Option to use a RPG Table to determine building styles.
- Import settings saved in an ini file.
- Several coding changes.
- Utility and Object Drawing functions broken out into separate files.
- RPGCGIncludes\RPGCG_Utility.vbs (File, Options, etc.)
- RPGCGIncludes\RPGCG_Areas.vbs (Parks, Market Squares, etc.)
- RPGCGIncludes\RPGCG_Objects.vbs (Buildings, Wall Towers)
- RPGCGIncludes\RPGCG_Paths.vbs (Rivers, Roads, Town Wall)
v1.1 6-18-07 - Added support for FM Building objects.
v1.0 6-16-07 - Initial release.
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