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Astro2 Guidebook

Contributor:RichardKurbisRating:5 out of 5, 0 votes
Date Added:05/29/2007Downloads:7406
Description:Organize and learn how to import smaller more manageable sectors into the bigger Campaign map you only dreamt of making. This 15 page PDF can help!
RichardKurbis on 02/03/2009
Thanks, Remember this is only one way of creating a large campaign, not the only way. But I've found that this method helps you to pre-organize your systems without the clutter of having all the stars in your way, or hogging up memory.
BobbyMock on 06/24/2007
Very informative. I am guilty of creating large maps to start out with, and this has made me seen the error in my ways. Now I will try to change my ways and start small and import into the overall big map. Thanks a bunch.
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