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Traveller UWP Generator

Contributor:BradFletcherRating:5 out of 5, 0 votes
Date Added:03/09/2009Downloads:2631
Description:NOTE: www.nbos.com/nox/index.php?action=1001&id=161

by Jay Gorrell, is definately better than my version. Please give it a try.

Alpha++ Version

Use with care

This will generate a UWP string up to Tech Level for any terrestrial planet that has a population.

it will place this string in the GM Notes section under the properties of the planet.

I blatently lifted portions from the Complete Surface Map Generator Script. My thanks to it's author.

I plan on including the whole UWP(as it exists in TNE) soon. And creating a custom field to hold it instead of the GMNotes. This Alpha release is for feedback and suggestions.

The only changes to the UWP was substituting the normal hex location with {x.y.z}

also starport types are influenced by the planets population. You can change this via the Constants at the top of the script.

+EDIT: Populations should be determined correctly and now includes up to Trade Classifications.

++EDIT: Military Base Presence uses Imperial calculation instead of Non-Imperial. Scout waystations are determined by population size
{if Naval and Scout and population = Mature(10,000,000) then code is "B" otherwise code is "A"} Mature is a variable that can be set in the script.

Known Bugs: None

Next Upgrade: use the percentage of atmospheric elements to determine atmosphere. Right now it only takes the atm pressure to determine type and skips over the possibility of the atmo being 'tainted' or 'exotic'. This will take some research(read: time)

Thank you
BobbyMock on 05/07/2007
Thanks. I would like to see more of these kind of plugins that will translate AS2 information into Traveller stats.
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