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AstroSynthesis v2.01e

Contributor:NBOSRating:5 out of 5, 0 votes
Date Added:02/09/2007Downloads:4373
Description:This is a minor update to Astro 2, with only a few changes:

- FIXED: Travel calculator preset accels and velocities did not properly support European style numbering.
- FIXED: A problem with reading & writing subsector information which was preventing certain sector files from loading was fixed.
- CHANGE: Color dialogs now display in 'open' mode, and now save/restore custom color selections.
- ADDED: Ring and Asteroid Belts can now have their populations assigned in the body properties window.

In addition there were some changes under the hood w/ the scripting engine, as well as some OpenGL related adjustments to make it play nicer with a wider array of video cards.

This is the main .exe - to install, replace your current Astro2.exe with this one.
TyranOrmond on 11/28/2007
Shouldn't this be linked from the ASv2 page?
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