Re: [nbos] Looking for details on Custom plugins
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Thu Feb 5th, 2015

It's a neat idea, but The Keep does not support that type of
integration. The custom topic plugins have to be HTML files.

The attachment topic type can run external programs based on the type of
file used (it'll run Excel if the attachment is a spreadsheet, for
example). But it won't embed the display. During development I
experimented with embedding MS-Office for Word & Excel docs, which would
have been very useful, but could never get it working well enough.


At 08:58 PM 2/4/2015, you wrote:
>I am looking for details on how to make custom plugins.
>What I want to do is make a plug in that does these features...
> * asks for your target program "XYZ.exe"
> * determines what drive letter program "XYZ.exe" is on at each use and
> connects it to the relative path
> * connects a specific file type "abc123.AAAp" with the above program
> "XYZ.exe" at its location on the changing drive letter
> * launches the file "abc123.AAAp" using "XYZ.exe" with option of
> Inside or Outside the keep on each use.
> * copy & rename this plugin for each new "XYZ.exe" program that you
> want to use in/with the keep
>With this plugin I could use any of the free portable programs available.
>lookiing at <> - Portable software
>for USB, portable and cloud drives there are free programs for everything
>that i have seen on the "the keep wish list" forum except custom campaign
>calendars. Flow charts, spread sheets, image editing, advanced PDF use &
>editing and multimedia options. With one of the MP3 mini players you could
>put tracts into your adventures even! and videos also!
><> - Portable software for USB,
>portable a...
>Learn more... | Latest apps and news... As Seen In... Fast Flexible Make
>every PC feel like your own Use your favorite software everywhere Carry
>your bookmarks and ...
><>View on
>Preview by Yahoo
>If you have any information for me to make this plug in please email me
>or this list.
>Thank you very much!
>?Rachael ?Strange
>I am the best there is at what I do...
>...and what I do best will bring a smile to your face.
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