[nbos] [FM8] Joerdhgardh Map of Week #138 Released
"Mark Oliva"
Sun Jan 26th, 2014
With the 138th Map of the Week we take a look at the village of Desert's End
in the southwestern corner of Grainland County.

Key to the Map of Desert's End

Low Village:

4. Distant Trails Trading Office. The coster is based in Mine Docks.
Exactly who or what owns the company is unknown, but it seems certain to
most that the River Count Arnosht has a substantial interest in it. He
does, in fact, own it. Pavla, a 42-year-old human female merchant who fled
from Windland, is the station manager. She employs a bookkeeper, a human
male merchant; six guards, all human male and female warriors and fighters,
and two laborers and two stable workers, all human male and female
commoners. She and her employees live in upper story apartments in the High

5. Distant Trails Trading Warehouse.

6. Josef's Horse Lots - Ruin. Josef, a young human male merchant from Mine
Docks, tried to sell horses in Desert's End, but he went broke several years
ago and headed on to points unknown. These are the remnants of his

7. Last Tankard Inn. The village's only hostelry is a dump of the first
order, but it still is the only hostelry. Potential guests have to live
with it, at least in a monsoon when camping is out. It's not a money-losing
business, but it won't make the landlord Kashpar rich either. A few years
ago, lightning struck the inn's brewhouse and burned it down. Before the
fire, the dark ale of the Last Tankard's alewife was generally considered to
be superior in quality to the light ale of the club. However, shortly after
the fire, the club's alewife resigned and the former Last Tankard alewife,
Markéta, a 56-year-old human female artisan, was hired to replace her. She
now brews what had been dark Last Tankard ale in the club's brewhouse, and
Kashpar buys it and serves it in the inn. Meals in the Last Tankard usually
are a matter of fresh fish and smoked and cured meats and sausages served
with potatoes and some regional tropical fruit. The food isn't bad, but it
isn't particularly good either. Entrées run from 3 to 6 bronze pieces.
Breakfast, included with the room fee and available only to guests, is a
matter of baked goods, butter or lard and a few slices of smoked sausage.
To cut costs, Kashpar tore out the 2nd story guests rooms several years ago
and now has only an open sleeping bay. A bed costs 3 bronze pieces nightly.

8. Last Tankard Brewhouse - Ruin.

9. Windland Overland Office. Little is known about this trading company,
nor has anyone asked a lot of questions. It claims to be based in the small
coastal town of Dark Mountains in northwestern Windland. Windland Overland
does both honest and dishonest business in Slovania. On the honest side, it
is one of the main transporters of goods between Slovania and Windland. On
the shadier side, it's one of the big customers of Distant Trails Trading
for forbidden wares from the North Kingdom. Windland Overland once did its
own contraband runs between the North Kingdom and Slovania. The station
manager is Denisa, a 56-year-old human female merchant. She employs a
bookkeeper, a human male merchant; eight guards, all human male and female
warriors and fighters, and three laborers and three stable workers, all
human male and female commoners. She and all of her employees live in the
coster's main building in the High Village.

10. Windland Overland Warehouses.

11. Marketplace. Anyone may set up a sales tent or stand here, but in
practice, few do. There are no permits or fees required.

12. Camping Grounds. As long as there's no monsoon rain, many transients
prefer a night under the stars to a night in the inn. Anyone may use the
campground at no cost. Several campfire pits have been set up, and there
are hitching posts for horses.

13. Royal Trading Co. Office. Slovania's largest trading company is the
smallest in Desert's End. Royal Trading does only domestic business. Its
only role in Desert's End is to deliver some of the goods locals need.
Despite its name, the company belongs to neither the king nor the crown.
Instead, it is a national transportation operation jointly controlled by the
crown, the four counties and the Border March, with the king, the
burgomaster, the counts and the margrave all having a say in its dealings.
The station manager is Ctirad, a 50-year-old human male merchant. He
employs a bookkeeper, a human male merchant; four guards, all human male and
female warriors and fighters, two laborers and two stable workers, all human
male and female commoners. He and his employees live in upper story
apartments in the High Village.

14. Royal Trading Co. Warehouse.

High Village:

1. Desert Corn Mill. Master Miller Teodor, a 44-year-old human male
artisan and refugee from Windland, softened his somewhat hard lot by going
to unusual working hours. He begins grinding his grain in the evening after
the night coolness begins to come in and delivers flour and vegetable oil to
Baker Borzhek (Location No.23) at about 4 bells (4 a.m.). His day begins
then and lasts til noon, when he gets seven hours sleep while main heat sets
in. Teodor also employs a journeyman baker who fled from Windland. The
latter lives in an apartment in the High Village. Teodor lives in an
apartment above the mill.

2. Millstream.

3. Fjoerm River. The Fjoerm flows about 100 feet/30 m wide, equally deep
and very rapidly through the village. The river is unsafe for boats.
Anyone falling into the water will be swept downstream rapidly and is in
grave danger of downing.

15. Fjoerm-Storming Pool. The turbulent waters, sometimes nearly a small
whirpool, are caused by the powerful and fast-moving waters of the Fjoerm
and River Storming meeting at the confluence.

16. River Storming. The r flows about 80 feet/25 m wide and deep and very
rapidly through the village. The river is unsafe for boats. Anyone falling
into the water will be swept downstream rapidly and is in grave danger of

17. Garrison. Some 100 soldiers, many of them refugees from Windland, are
stationed here, but about only a third of them are in the garrison at any
given time. Some 40 soldiers are stationed at the Equatorial Gate 30
miles/50 km southeast of Desert's End, where the Kingdom of Slovania ends,
the western leg of the Muspell Desert begins and the Windland Trail
disappears into the unclaimed no man's land between the desert and the
Midworld Mountains. The garrison complex includes, from west to east, a
horse stall at the foot of the Fjoerm bridge and a mess hall and woodshed on
the River Storming shore. The main building is south of them on the Fjoerm

18. Tailor Medard. Master Tailor Medard, a 56-year-old human artisan, sews
the new clothing in Desert's End, and he also repairs damaged apparel. He
makes clothing in all price and quality categories and also is responsible
for clothing the village watch and the military garrison. He fled Windland
with two journeymen, both human male and female craftsmen, who still
continue to work with them. All three live in rooms above the tailor shop.

19. Cobbler Doubravka. Doubravka, a 50-year-old human female artisan, also
is a refugee from Windland who took a journeyman with her and gained another
after arriving and taking over the cobbler shop. Both journeymen are human
male and female craftsmen. They are the sole suppliers of shoes and boots
and repairers of both in the village. They also supply the watch and the
garrison with shoes and boots. The three live in rooms above the cobbler

20. Butcher Vít. When Vít, a 36-year-old human male artisan, became aware
that the town watch in his native shtráznice wanted to ask him questions
that he had no desire to answer, he packed together his wealth and skipped
town, intending to get far away. He thought Windland might be far enough.
By the time he had reached Desert's End, he had become rather tired of
running and thought it might be far enough too. He became convinced of that
when he heard that the local butcher had saved his money, closed his shop
and migrated northwards without a successor. When Vít inquired, he learned
that the baroness would deed it to him at no fee if he agreed to run it for
at least seven years. He employs the two journeymen, both human male and
female craftsmen, and the saleswoman, a human female commoner, who worked
for his predecssor. Twice yearly he slaughters and butchers cattle and
sheep driven to town from the range lands south of the village. He also
gets shipments of slaughtered but not yet butchered meat from the nearby
River Storming valley east of town. In addition to meats, Vít also buys,
cleans and sells freshwater fish that local fishermen bring in from the lake
north of town. He sells fish fresh and smoked. He sells some fresh meat
when he has it, but most of his meat is made into smoked or cured cuts and

21. Village Hall. This is a formidable six-story structure that also
houses the village watch and all village employees. With the Barony of
Desert's End having a relatively low population, Burgomaster Kryshtof, a
33-year-old human male merchant, devotes his time and energy mostly to
administration, leaving matters of rule with Baroness Jana. Administration
in Desert's End is mostly a matter of seeing that things in the High Village
are maintained and kept working. Less attention is paid to affairs in the
Low Village. It's also Kryshtof's job to see that taxes owed within the
village are collected. He employs a clerk-bookkeeper, a human female
merchant; three tax collectors, human male and female merchants, and a
stable tender and two laborers, all human male and female commoners.
Kryshtof lives in a small apartment on the ground floor of the village hall.
The other employees live in third and fourth story apartments in the hall.
The cellar level contains a storage area and houses the city jail. The
second story is the headquarters of the village watch, and it also houses
the apartment of the commander, Captain Rudolf, a 29-year-old human male
warrior. The fifth and sixth stories house the watch members.

22. Fjoerm Tower. The 30-foot/9-m high tower is manned at all times by
three guards from the village watch. The guards carefully control those who
cross the bridge. From 8 to 19 bells (8 a.m. to 7 p.m.), permanent
residents and trusted transients simply are waved on. The village has few
enough permanent residents that the guards can recognize them. All others
are allowed to enter only after checking their weapons and magic wands,
staffs and the like. They also are allowed to go through the High Village
in groups no larger than three in number. If the watch has doubts about
some transients, it may detain them until additional watch members arrive
from village hall to accompany them. The guards all are human male and
female warriors and fighters. Only permanent residents may pass from 19 to
8 bells (7 p.m. to 8 a.m.)

23. Baker Borzhek. Master baker Borzhek, a 49-year-old human male refugee
artisan from Windland, goes downstairs into the bakery half an hour after 3
bells (3:30 a.m.) and fires his ovens. At 4 bells (4 a.m.), Miller Teodor
(Location No. 1) delivers Borzhek's flour, and he begins baking. At 7 bells
(7 a.m.) Borzhek loads his wagon and delivers fresh baked goods to the High
Village Club (Location No. 26) and the Last Tankard Inn (Location No. 7).
For the latter delivery, he always is accompanied by two members of the
village watch, to assure that no drunken guests of the inn make trouble.
Before 8 bells (8 a.m.), he usually is back at the bakery, opening it to
street customers. He spends the morning shutting down the ovens, cleaning
up his work area and runniung his shop, until 11 bells (11 a.m.), when he
closes for the day. He usually sleeps away the hot period until 19 bells (7
p.m.), when he goes to the High Village Club for an evening meal and an hour
or two of socializing. After that he returns to apartment above the bakery.
Shortly before 3 bells, Borzhek makes his second of two daily meals and
prepares then for the new workday. Villagers consider Borzhek to be
something of a miser because he employs no one. That also is a problem for
the village on those rare days when Borzhek is ill and Desert's End must do
without fresh bakery.

24. Baronial Castle Complex. This is a rather simple country castle
complex consisting of a main building, a wizard's tower, a riding stable and
a woodshed. That notwithstanding, it still is too big for the needs of a
baron or baroness without family and the administration of a small barony.
Baroness Jana, a 47-year-old human female seer, lives in an apartment that
takes up the northwestern half of the second story. Her court mage, the
48-year-old human female wizardess Iva, occupies the tower. Few of the
transient groups that pass through Desert's End command any significant
amount of magic. Jana and Iva, on the other hand, are quite experienced in
their arts. Jana divided the southeastern half of the second story into two
apartments that she rents to Alena, the 42-year-old human female merchant
who manages the High Village Club, and Irma, the 44-year-old human female
healer who is the apothecary in the Healing Apothecary (Location No. 27).
The baronial administration is on the ground floor along with the
well-guarded and armored baronial treasury. The cellar is a little used but
often inspected storage area. The baroness employs a bookkeeper, a human
female merchant; two clerks, human male and female commoners, and two
laborers, also human male and female commoners.

25. River Smithy. Master Blacksmith Evzhen, a 42-year-old human male
artisan, also is a refugee from Windland who works alone. Before fleeing,
Evzhen did nothing but standard blacksmith's work, which he does quite well.
He still has no desire to do other work. When he thinks there's no other
good choice, he sometimes agrees reluctantly to fix a broken piece of armor
or a broken weapon, if they are of no more than run-of-the-mill quality, but
he refuses to put his hammer to weapons or armor of a better grade. Evzhen
lives in an apartment above the smithy.

26. High Village Club. Desert's End's private tavern and restaurant, where
the locals go and no one else is allowed, is owned by the barony and
therefore under the control of Baroness Jana. However, she has little to do
with the club. As manager, she employs Alena, a 42-year-old human female
merchant from Windland, who makes all of the club's decisions. By local
standards, the club is a luxury house. By national standards, it leaves
wishes open. Alena has furnished the club well, and locals are enthused
over the dark house ale, brewed by its alewife, Markéta, a 56-year-old human
female artisan. The weak point is the food. The house cook, Oleg, a
37-year-old artisan and master from Windland makes the best he can of the
raw materials available him, but they're very limited. Breakfasts cost a
bronze piece. Noon and evening meals run between 4 bronze pieces and a
silver piece. Markéta's ale costs three copper pieces per pint/half-liter

27. Healing Apothecary. This house of healing is owned Vehroslav, a
60-year-old apothecary healer who is one of the few Slovania natives in
Desert's End. He not only is willing to tolerate the heat and humidity that
plague the village. He is is almost fanatically enthusiastic over what he
believes to be the probable pharmaceutical properties in the venom of
snakes, scorpions and the like in the wilderness beyond town. Vehroslav
has, indeed, developed both medicines and poison antidotes from venom that
are effective. Most of the time, Vehroslav's assistant apothecary, Marián,
a 40-year-old human male healer from Windland, is in charge of the shop.
Vehroslav spends at least half of his time in the wildness, along with his
expeditionary aides, fellow apothecary Herzhman, a 38-year-old human male
healer-warrior, and Libehna, a 41-year-old human female scout. Three
apothecaries and two patient healers work in the house of healing. The
latter are Irma, a 44-year-old human female healer, and her assistant,
Lumír, a 29-year-old human male healer. The apothecaries include team
leader Marián as well as David and Brigitia, both 29-year-old human male and
female healers. Their duties are concentrated upon making medicines out of
imported herbal products. Outside of the exotic goods that Vehroslav brings
in, the house harvests no herbs on its own. All of the employees live in
apartments on the upper levels of the house of healing except for Irma, who
has a rented apartment of her own in the castle complex. All of the staff
members except Vehroslav are refugees from Windland.

28. General Store. This operation is run by the Windland Overland Trading
Co. It includes a wide variety of the items that High Villagers seek,
including non-meat imported food items, and it sells both domestic wares and
imports from Windland. It also makes sales to transients, but it offers
only the most basic items that they might need. TOverhead costs are high
here. The current store manager is Nikol, a 35-year-old human female
merchant from Windland. She employs two salespersons and a laborer, all
human male and female commoners from Windland. None are refugees. All were
employed previously by Windland Overland at home. All of the store's
employees and also all 16 employees of the coster's station in the Low
Village (Locations Nos. 9 and 10) live in apartments on the upper levels of
the four-story store building. All continue to be burghers of Windland, but
they are accorded the full rights of permanent residents as long as they
live in the village.

27. Southgate. This is a well-armed gate intended to control who leaves
town. Transients have a bent for skipping town and leaving affairs open
here. The gate is opened to outgoing traffic only from 9 bells to 19 bells
(9 .m. to 7 p.m.). Locals can make complaints as transients depart, and
some do.

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